Picture of Make a House Goblin Peeker
This is a wonderful little bit of decoration anyone can add to their house for the Halloween season.

Step 1: Get yer gourd

Picture of Get yer gourd
Find a flanged gourd. You can usually find them where ever you can find pumpkins. (i.e. farmers markets, roadside stands, orchards etc.)

Take a look at it from the end. Find one that kind of resembles a face with a down turned nose, and is fairly symetrical. Also make sure that it can balance fairly well on it's side, with the point down.
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patatarium1 year ago
This is my favorite instructables ! Is strange i like this !
Traymar3 years ago
LOVE THEM!! Going to try to make them while my kiddos are gone this weekend, and distribute them around the house for them to find! Thanks so much!!
cheeriokate3 years ago
Haha I love how creepy/cute this idea is!!
Does anyone know what type of gourd these are ?? I would love to grow some for projects. Thanks much.
TheGreatS3 years ago
Simple and good looking! Gave me one of those "Why didn't I think of that" moments.
its Kilroy after doing meth for a year
nubabuba4 years ago
most amazing decoration ever! i'm going to make one for my halloween party
StarFace6 years ago
Sorry, at the risk of sounding daft, would these rot? And if so, roughly how long does it take....?

Whenever I make things like this I think they are so cute I have serious trouble getting rid of them! =p
cudubh (author)  StarFace6 years ago
They can and do rot, but it depends on several factors. Was it clean, were there nicks in the skin, how moist was the environment, etc etc. But they can also dry out very well. In fact the gourd that I used for this instructable is a dried out gourd from the previous year.
JOE1903 cudubh4 years ago
Could you make an instructable on how you dried out your gourd please ? I'd liek to be able to reuse this for future years, much appreciated :)
I have dried bird house gourds before by hanging them by a string in the closet with our furnace. We did not poke holes in them or anything. It took about 2-3 months. A little dark mildew got on the skin of some but it is easily sanded off when the gourd is completely dry.

These dry better in the very dry winter months when snow is on the ground and your furnace is running a lot.
mary candy4 years ago
very funny!
this is epic!!!!
pie popper4 years ago
These are cool. Not too hard either.. :)
KeannaRoar4 years ago
aar0nc0le4 years ago
Very impressive. Where did you get the idea?
KILROY, get down from there! you look silly...
zascecs4 years ago
Haha, I'm definitely making one of these for Halloween...
JohnJY4 years ago
Haha. Kilroy Was Here.
aramanthe5 years ago
I'm going to make some of these and put them up around the office... xD I already have an accomplice ready! They look exactly like the goblins from The Labyrinth, especially if you painted the gourds a little bit.
Lehmeier5 years ago

Just made some of these and had some old baby cloths...  filled the baby cloths up with towels and stuff and set the goblin head on top and set the goblin in a chair outside...  looks awesome!!!  thanks for the idea.  ill attach a pic when i get a chance.

Here is the little goblin...  got a lot of looks...  maybe next year ill try to put some LED's in the eyes...  thanks for the instructable!
doktorwyrm5 years ago
These are absolutely wonderful!  i made 4 of these today and they are so easy, yet soooooo creepy.
this is really cool, im going to put one on the flat roof above my front door at halloween
I cheated a bit and used rubber eyes, plus I omitted the fingers. Thanks for the great idea!
jonboi5 years ago
That is way too cool, I like deceptively detailed it looks.
i got to make one thanks for making this
skimmo5 years ago
that wonderful!!!
i want 2 make 1 sooo bad
This is an awesome, easy, and fun little project. My roommate and I are going nuts with these little guys.
We now have a dozen of these hidden around the apartment.
cudubh (author)  cloaked woodsman5 years ago
They are fun to make aren't they? Glad you enjoyed the instructable.
ege2075 years ago
5 stars
Great Job! I so gotta make one of these to go with my gargoyles :) I'm thinking if I put one peaking out from the back of the fridge before guests arrive would be great! lol Wonderful job!
oniman76 years ago
You should put one of these in the back window of your car. I would like to see the face of the people who pull up behind you..
freerunnin16 years ago
sweet! its the beggining of the year so i'm going to just shape it from paper or something. :)
jasmines6 years ago
This is so cute!
StoneCraf6 years ago
Pretty awesome, i'm stopping next time is see pumpkins for sale down the road. I gotta say, this is one of my fav instructables, Great job.
I'm gonna put some red or green led's for the eyes and maybe get my gf to make some clothes for them, i'm already thinking of names for them =D
Vynash6 years ago
this is awesome! i might try to make him some time if i can ever get my hands on a gourd and some clay 5*s!
cudubh (author)  Vynash6 years ago
Thank you very much for the vote!
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