Make a Human Table





Introduction: Make a Human Table

What is up everybody, In this instructables I am gonna make a portable wooden human table from leftover wood.

Note that this is just a fun project and is probably the most useless thing you can make :P

Step 1: 3d Modeling

Whenever I make something, It always starts in modeling software called solidworks.That is very useful especially if you don’t know how your end product is going to look like.

I copied the design from a gif I found on the internet because it looks really simple to make.

It is just a few planks screwed together and a big plywood board in the middle.

On the bottom of the board I am going to put a foam to protect your knees from hurting and that is pretty much it.

Step 2: Cutting Down the Planks

I have used an old wooden plank with just the right width I could make 2 sides with a single board.

The only thing was to cut it on length and later cut it in half.

With a planer I flatten both sides and after that I sand all surfaces to remove an old grainy pattern from planks.

After that I cut another 44cm plank on which we are gonna sit later on.

Again, few strokes with planer, a bit of sanding and we can already assemble it together.

Step 3: Join Them Together

I drilled 4 holes on each side to prevent screws from splitting the wood and before tighten them up make sure both planes are perfectly lined up.

After that, I drilled some holes for the top board and before screwing that on I coated it with light brown color.

Step 4: Painting and Testing

When the paint was dry I secure the board to the frame and it was finally ready to be tested.

On the bottom I placed a foam to protect your knees because after some time it can get very uncomfortable to sit steady and relaxed. And there we have it.

Yes I know hah that was probably the most useless project so far but hey, it looked cool and it is really funny to sit on and have some drink with a friend.

Thank you for reading this instructable, I hope you enjoyed or at least get inspired to make something in your shop.

You are welcome to check out my youtube channel as well

Step 5: Watch a Video



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    This is a KISS (Keep it simple and smart or Keep it short and simple) model on all levels

    i thought KISS meant keep it stupid and simple

    It means "Keep It Simple, Stupid!"

    its Knights in Satan's Sanctum if you've seen "Detroit rock city"

    That's Knight's in Satan's Service. :-)

    uhh, i use it when i use a stupid deck and it works

    My translation sounds better , its a fantastic project

    Useless yet awesome!
    You should add a labyrinth ball game in the middle! :D

    ????I love it I can see it as a great party trick trying to get your friends to use it but also mixing it up with different height people to see how they all coupe it would defiantly get everybody in to the party mood as they try it out and spend half the time giggling trying to both sit down at the same time