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Wanting to make something to give to my brother-in law for Christmas this year I began searching the net looking for ideas.  Since he is a hunter I wanted to make him something that he could use when out chasing some white tail, or at least something for hunting deer.

 I came across Dave Canterbury's site http://thepathfinderschoolllc.com/  and he had made an archers quiver and I knew what I was going to make.  In this "ible" I will show how I made  mistakes, give pointers on how to not make mistakes, and end up with a very nice quiver if I do say so myself.   

Step 1: Supplies

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4" PVC pipe  ($6 bucks at Menards)
1 yard of cloth material ($1.99 at Hobby Lobby)
Scraps of leather ($2.99 for a bag of remnants)
Leather strips ($4 bucks at Hobby Lobby)
Needle for sewing leather ($3 for a pack of 8 at Hobby Lobby)
Roll of sinuew ($4 dollars for a roll at Hobby Lobby)
Nylon belt (Free had it laying around for ages)
Scrap wood
E-6000 Industrial Adhesive ($4 at Hobby Lobby)


Pocket knife
Drill and drill bits
Panel nails

I'm sure I grabbed and used other tools and will try mention them as it hits me.


This is awesome! What type of fabric would you recommend using around the PVC pipe? I want to make sure it's durable

I'm going to make this and vinyl would be the best option
RedneckEngineer (author)  christy.wise.317 months ago

Well any fabric that you want really. The stuff I used was kind of thin but wrapping it a few times will give you a thicker layer. I was going more for looks than durable with the material I used, because I knew my brother in-law hunts from a stand not stalking hunt. Burlap would do very good for durable material but its butt ugly unless you add other stuff. Military rip stop material was what I originally wanted to use but couldn't find any. I could have used an old pair of BDU pants but they still got some life left in them so I didn't use them. Hope this helps, love to see what you come up with. Post a pic and share, Thanks!

completehere111 months ago

Wow, this is awesome! Def gonna do it, thanks

FallenDrops made it!1 year ago

first off, Thank you for writing this. You have truly inspired me! After following the Greatful Dead for years and have grown up, I enjoyed the music, but not the profile I was being associated as a "hippy" but I still love the music. so I grabbed an old Festival T-shirt I had and I cut the front and back off, trimmed off to have everything flow nicely. doing this made it so 1 have 2 seam's to cover up! I was making this particular one for an old friend, being an artist in many areas for the bottom I used wood but drilled tons of holes to let water escape. I sealed the sides and top of the wood so water wont destroy it, and the bottom I epoxy the logo onto it and engraved out the steel your face logo and my friend's initials. I then sanded the rest of the paper of the logo off, and hand painted it for more flash, after dry I sealed it many times so water and the ground wont damage it for a while. the top I used a piece of the shirt i trimmed away, and epoxy'ed some musical notes to further hold it down. my friend's favorite song by them is A Box Of rain. so to cover the seams I used electrical wire to form into lyrics "a box of rain will ease the pain, and love will see you through" using 2 different colors of hemp I then wrapped the electrical wires, I used thick leather for the handles and rims of the small dream catchers, while the bolt I used hemp wrapped electrical wire. I also wrapped the leather in hemp to not have them stand out, made small dream catchers with some trinkets... I made this so It could be used, however the feathers would fall apart, and a lot of wear on the hemp. however, I put a glass vase in there and have tons of roses coming out :) A nice decoration piece indeed!

RedneckEngineer (author)  FallenDrops1 year ago
Wow that looks good! I like the way you incorporated the dream catcher and hemp. I never thought about using it as a vase holder so a different twist on it is really cool. Do you have it hanging from a hook with the flowers pointing out or standing on a table? Great job!

Ttotal time spent on this ranges around 30 hours or more, since I hand wound all the hemp, making mini dream catchers takes hours just to do one. the way I have the bottom attached the edges of the wood I engraved inward so it can be placed on the ground or a low table (its about 2' tall) and can take quite a knocking if theres no weight inside. I cant see why not you could hang it, maybe decorate some arrows and have it hanged for decoration with your bow gear, one thing I wanted to do but would easily add another 10 hours or more is to decorate the hemp with some ribbon roses. Here is some pictures of the construction of how I did it. Drilling out the design was easy to create a nice outline, and after I engraved the lines connecting the dots it would make it so water would travel down into those groves, making the holes much more efficient in having water go out. You could do this with say a wolf, and it would add a lot more value while also being useful. since I used black paint the holes are barely visible, and the paint doesn't cover any of them up! and also what I was talking with about the roses, however I felt I have put enough time into this single project, called it good enough to leave it out and move on to my next project.

William 761 year ago

hope to make one myself

William 761 year ago

love it well done hope you have loads more gr8 ideas ; )

triumphman2 years ago
Love those wolves! Have you seen "The Grey" with Liam Neeson ? Wolves take on a whole new meaning!
RedneckEngineer (author)  triumphman2 years ago
Yea love that movie! I think they should have more people survive the crash though. That way there could have had more food for the wolves!
jalba3 years ago
*thumbs up* Will do. :)
jalba3 years ago
That's AWESOME!!! Gonna have to make my daughter one for Christmas. :)
RedneckEngineer (author)  jalba3 years ago
Glad you like it. Please when you do make one post a pic of it. I'd love to see what others come up with.
hrodriguez73 years ago
instead of a wooden plug, could i just use a PVC plug?
RedneckEngineer (author)  hrodriguez73 years ago
Yes you could use a PVC end cap, nice idea.
yeah, I thought it would be simpler
and I dont have a jig aw or anything like that :P
eulaliaaaa!4 years ago
I saw someone using a quiver that looked a little strange, but worked very efficiently.
The quiver was longer and had a hole in the side. When he wanted an arrow, he reached through the hole, grabbed one, pulled it up so the tip was above the bottom of the hole, and pulled it out from the bottom.
Mrballeng4 years ago
I'm proud I got to be the 1,000th view on your page. This is very clever. Your holding out on us though. Where are all your other great ideas?

Good work.
RedneckEngineer (author)  Mrballeng4 years ago
I'm glad you like it. I'm usually full of ideas but not the follow thru. I get things half started laying around, then something else pops in my head and it shoves it to the back then forgotten about. I hope to sometime get my workshop cleaned up enough so I can actually tinker more. Once I do there will be some other ibles I'll post. Mostly I've been reproducing some great ideas I find on here and not so much of orginal works. Also on the "to do" list is get a new camera so I can post. LOL
red-king4 years ago
good work! I might make one later.
RedneckEngineer (author)  red-king4 years ago
When you do take some pics and show it off here! I'd love to see what others do and any mods they make.
tukmol4 years ago
that's one handsome build!

i agree with the drainage idea. unless if you could make the bottom part detachable so you could clean the insides easily from time to time.

mrninja4 years ago
Great build! Though 2 ideas came to mind.

1) A leather (plug sized) cutout, glued to the bottom of the plug.
2) Add a drainage hole to the plug? Water, and blood maybe?....=P
RedneckEngineer (author)  mrninja4 years ago
I thought about the leather plug for the bottom but putting the arrows in would cut through and possably become lost, so thats why I used wood. As for a hole for water drainage...didn't really think about that.
What I meant was, a patch of leather covering the bottom of the wood plug. It's just for ascetics? BTW, wood works!
Yeah a dainage hole would definately be a good idea. It's standard on most military gear me thinks. =P
imbobafett4 years ago
i love it,great work! the wolf pic skin nice touch!
huttarl4 years ago
Nice one... thanks for posting! There aren't many 'ibles for making a quiver. I want to make one for a friend who is about to adopt his second daughter (Psalm 127).
RedneckEngineer (author)  huttarl4 years ago
Thanks! If you make one post a pic I'd love to see it!
NachoMahma4 years ago
.  Great job.
.  I think this must have gotten hung up in the filters. It took it a while to show up.
Kryptonite4 years ago
Brilliant build! Good job on the aesthetics too. :D
RedneckEngineer (author)  Kryptonite4 years ago
Thanks! It's getting harder each year to top what I did the previous, I think I nailed it with this one. :)
The thing that gets me is when their birthday is close to Christmas, as most of the gifts I give are home made. Makes it hard, it does!