Step 6: Spy Car: Flamethrower

The flamethrower uses a professional DJ light (Martin Mania DC2) that projects simulated flames on the wall.  I wired that up to another 110v circuit that would turn on and off through commands from the controller computer.  It looks pretty cool projected on the garage door, especially with sound effects.

James Bond themed everything, and &quot;The Incredibles&quot; soundtrack playing in the intro video? <br>For shame, sir
<p>One video has the &quot;James Bond&quot; theme, whilist the other has &quot;Mission Impossible.&quot; Where are you getting &quot;The Incredibles&quot; from?</p>
<p>During the Russian voiceover.</p>
<p>It wasn't strictly a James Bond-themed exhibit. We used themes from Mission Impossible, Man from UNCLE, Get Smart, The Avengers (TV series), and Soul Bossa Nova (From Austin Powers), as well as others</p><p>Sure, &quot;The Incredibles&quot; is a superhero movie by nature, but they also drew quite a bit of inspiration from 1960s spy flicks. The soundtrack was readily available and provided great atmospheric background music.</p>
Super! (Makes me want to rig up a race car arcade machine similarly.)
I'll take you one better, DIY-guy: An interactive version of &quot;Back to the Future: The Ride.&quot;
I'll take you one better, DIY-guy: An interactive version of &quot;Back to the Future: The Ride.&quot;
Cool idea! I'd want to play that game.
ford mazda 007
great thats is a mazda 007 would probably want to drive keep up the good work
&quot;Mazda 007&quot; Love it!
Incredible display.... Wish they had stuff like this when I was a kid!
Thanks, Ottscay!
I'm the neighbor and we're still trying to get the soot marks from the flame thrower off our siding! I think it melted a bit! Haha! Joking of course! Excellent work again Dr. Head!
Ha ha! Well, at least your house wasn't pelted with cannonballs like last year!<br><br>Thanks for the complement.
cool good for you!
Thanks, Dr!

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