Introduction: Make a Jug-o-lantern

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Who needs pumpkins? They are so messy. Here we have created the perfect front door step Halloween decorations.

Step 1: What You Need

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Here's what you need. The only thing missing is the green painters tape that we used for the stems. The white thing in the middle is a light puck that we got from Costco. They cost $18 for 6 of them and they can be turned on with a remote. These use three AAA batteries that last a long time.

Step 2: Create the Face

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Get your favorite small artist to draw the eyes, nose and mouth on the jug. Carefully cut them out. You don't have to be too exact.

Step 3: Apply the Orange Paint

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It is probably best that you get a professional spray painter like I did. It is a great experience but do it out doors and use newspaper. We also sprayed the inside of the jug with black paint to make the features stand our more.

Step 4: Let Your Little Light Shine

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Cut a small door in the back of the jug so that you can put the light puck in side.

Step 5:

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We put a crumpled white paper napkin inside over the light puck to give a more dispersed light. Just put the green tape or colored paper on the top for a stem. Now you are done. (Don't forget to clean up you mess afterwards!)


Swansong (author)2016-10-04

These are adorable! It looks like the kids had fun making them. :)

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