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If you have ever heard "I'm bored", " Are we there yet?", "How long is this going to take"?, "Elijah touched me" or "Can nail polish wash out of blankets?" then you know that it's important to keep little hands busy and out of trouble. That's where the I-spy bag comes in handy. They are small and can travel with you to say...doctor's offices, church meetings, road trips or any time you need to have the kids occupied and content.

The pouch is filled with plastic pellets and tiny treasures kids can find by manipulating the bag so the little objects surface to the clear plastic window. On the back of the bag is a list of objects that are hidden within which they can check off as they find them. Or you can play "how many red things can you find" or "how fast can you find all the things on the list", then you can entertain them even longer by asking "can you beat your best time in finding all the treasures". You get the idea. I once had both my kids entertained for almost two hours just by using the "beat your best time" trick. Nice huh?

This requires very basic sewing so enjoy and remember to VOTE!

Step 1: Gather the goods

Picture of Gather the goods
-I used wool felt for my bag because it doesn't unravel and is long wearing. You could also use a synthetic felt or fleece.

-For the plastic window I used clear plastic from the fabric store, the kind they sell to cover tables with.

-For the filling I used little plastic bead type pellets that they also sell at craft or fabric stores. http://www.createforless.com/Fairfield+Filler+Poly-Pellets+Polypropylene+2+lb/pid61547.aspx?utm_source=shopDT&utm_medium=cse, http://www.poly-fil.com/pellets.asp

-The tiny plastic charms are things that I have collected over the years. I love plastic charms. Here is a site that has a nice selection to choose from&. http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=30304250

You can add plastic charms, buttons, a penny, tiny dolls, large safety pin (glued closed), pom-pom, game piece, dice&any little thing that would be fun to find.
i love it
lov2teach2 years ago
Love this idea! Hope to make these for some great-nieces and nephews for birthdays or Christmas.
Thanks for sharing your fantastic tutorial.
cajett20023 years ago
I have gone through all of my moms junk drawers, cupboards, and toy boxes and gathered a BUNCH of stuff to make a couple of these. I have my daughter, 2 nephews and a brand new neice to make them for. (Hopefully by Christmas) Thanks for sharing this instructable!!! Im excited!
agolightly4 years ago
I made these for my kids and they love them. I used rice instead of beads because it was easier to find and a little cheaper. I also added a handle. Thanks for sharing.
SteveGerber4 years ago
Another twist on the I-spy idea would be to just have a bag of lots and lots of little plastic stuff (like it appears you already have) and then just dump it out and play I-spy in the pile. (To make cleanup easy, dump the pieces on a small blanket so you can dump it back into the bag or better yet, make a drawstring bag that converts into a flat drop cloth.) For an added challenge you could have all the stuff be the same color! :) You could also each have your own 3 minute hourglass timer that you stand up when it's your turn and lay down when you pass the turn to the next player. The loser is the one who's timer runs out first.
threadbare (author)  SteveGerber4 years ago
That is a great idea!
Puzzledd4 years ago
What a fabulous idea for entertaining kids! I love it!
This is so precious and very cunning.  I bet it'd be great to do with all the little knick-knacks that go missing from play sets only to reappear later on.
pippa55 years ago
 I have just found your I spy bag . I think it is a great idea. I will be making some. Fortunately I was just about to give away loads of plastic things. They will be going back into store now!! Thank you for sharing this idea.
DaggerMouth5 years ago
mom i voted for yours!
chemantics5 years ago
Okay, this is pretty much the best instructable EVER. I can't wait to try this, I have a two year old girl that pushes the limit on being bored. She'll love it.
threadbare (author)  chemantics5 years ago
That is one BEAUTIFUL two year old!
Thats pretty sweet! I'm going to make 2 for my kids ASAP!!
threadbare (author)  amazonwoman85 years ago
They make great gifts for mom's with little ones too.
DaggerMouth5 years ago
Mom, don't tell people I still play with the eye spy bag. :D
threadbare (author) 5 years ago
Thanks and they are really easy to make and even my 14 year old likes them.
ChrysN5 years ago
This is a really cute idea, nice!