If you are a parent, chances are that your child(or children as is my case) produces reams and reams of artwork, craft, cards little writings and whathaveyou that you certainly feel like you should keep, and your child won't let you get rid of. What to do?
My house was becoming overloaded with little piles of paper, time to do something about it.

I happened across this video on youtube, and was inspired to alleviate the problem while preserving all the work.

I didn't have all the things that were used in the video that inspired me on hand, so I just improvised my own bookbinding jig, it works pretty good (from an amateur book binders perspective). It is certainly sufficient for the task at hand, and I can see myself using it again once my daughters pile has grown a little larger.

It defiantly helped go through some of the craft bins and art piles.It made for a fun activity, my son was even got involved in picking and sorting and best of all purging.

My wife was really pleased with this one as it reduced a lot of mess and made it into something that my son can keep forever, which is why I called it a keepsake book. 

Step 1: Hunter/Gatherer

To build the binding jig, you will need to procure the following
  • Some scraps of plywood or Masonite....or both really.
  • a couple of screws
  • 1 pack of hook and loop strips from the dollar store
  • a drill
  • a saw (to cut the scraps accordingly)
  • a pencil to make marks
  • a straight edge
  • carpenters glue

To make the book, you will need
  • book innards (i.e. sheets of paper, with stuff on or not, this is really up to you)
  • some stiff cardboard (to make the covers)
  • a strip of fabric (to run up the spine)
  • a strip of ribbon or mesh
  • something to cover the book in (packing paper looks and works well, I did a collage using a variety of textured surfaces. Ripped paper bags, mesh, material, kleenex, birch bark, tissue paper, textured paper, whatever I could find really.
  • Modge-Podge
  • white glue

That is a very nice idea!
Nicely done! And the addition of making a jig is something I wouldn't have thought of but with the continued making of art clutter piles, very pratical. So pratical that I might have to &quot;jig&quot; out there and try to make one without any proper tools! <br> <br>
This is such a clever idea! My daughter would have loved it! At least we can share this for when the grand-kids come along. Thanks for sharing. <br>Sunshiine
Cheers, thanks sunshiine. My boy likes the first one. (I like the clutter that it eliminated almost as much)

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