Make a Keyboard Circuitry Tie: Work Your Old Keyboard Into Your Wardrobe!

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Picture of Make a Keyboard Circuitry Tie: Work Your Old Keyboard Into Your Wardrobe!
Recycle that old Keyboard into your own person wardrobe.
This Instructable is for a fresh, fun, and customizable Keyboard Tie. This can be made with very few components, an old Keyboard, an Ethernet or phone cable, and Tape. Now this project is very simple but may get frustrating at times, you are going to want to go slow* with this project because a slip up could cause you to cut something too short or a messed up final project. The design aspect is COMPLETELY the way I like it, you may not like it as I do, most of the project is just basic and then other parts are more customizable.

*You'll hear me mention when and where to take this slow and PROCEED WITH CAUTION *
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Step 1: Gather Materials...

Picture of Gather Materials...
 You will need to gather your MAIN materials; (Picture 1)
     Old Keyboard (If you don't have one handy you can get them from a Local Thrift Store, Garage Sale, or Flea Market: approx. $2 - $5)
     Ethernet or Phone Cable (NO MORE THAN 5 OR 6 FEET )
     Clear Packing Tape
     Decorative Tape (I used Aluminum Tape but you can get what you like: duct tape, reflective, design, electrical, different colors)
     Flat head OR Philips Screwdrivers (Most likely Philips, medium size or small, but was is required by your Keyboard.)
     Utility Knife
     Wire Cutters

These are items you don't Necessarily need but sure do come in handy
     A Real Tie (If you don't own borrow from someone you won't destroy it or anything)
     Poster Board (to make a template)

Step 2: Disasembly

Picture of Disasembly
Now you'll want to start to take your Keyboard apart. Locate all the screws on the keyboard (sometimes they hide screws under labels.) These screws may require a little elbow grease to get them out just take it SLOW so you don't strip the screws. Once the back is off you may encounter another layer  be sure to get ALL the screws.
TSC4 years ago
Now thats pretty cool I've seen keyboard wallets before but not a tie!
koklay2014 (author)  TSC4 years ago
I was thinking the same thing as I was working on this!!!
TSC koklay20144 years ago
canida4 years ago
koklay2014 (author)  canida4 years ago
Thank You!