Step 4: Finish the Open Edge

Fold down the raw edges of the open end. Secure the edges with double-sided hemming tape. At this point, you have options as to how to close the end after you've put the comforter inside: Velcro closings, buttons, snaps, buttonholes with cord or ribbon running along width of the cover. I used Velcro dots.
Great job on your first instructabe!<br><br>Like you say, your measurements are immensely important -- but you don't really mention what to measure, or how to do the calculations on the final size -- like, <br><br>'the comforter is 100 inches wide, and 100 tall, etc so you need to make the pattern 100+x' Diagrams always make it better!
Thanks--I'll do some edits. I really appreciate the guidance!

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