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Introduction: Recycle - Make a Kitchen Dish Soap Dispenser

I was looking for a reasonably priced kitchen dish soap dispenser at Bed Bath and Beyond but didn't want to shell out $10 for a new one. At $4.99 a bathroom hand soap dispenser caught my eye but I didn't like the graphics painted on it.  Dear hubby reminded me of the time I spilled PVC primer on some plastic and the lettering got obliterated.  Perfect! with a wave of my magic wand, (PVC primer wand), I got a recycled, but super fine kitchen soap dispenser.

After using my dispenser for 6 months, I have noticed an added benefit;  I use way less dish soap. 

Materials needed:

Empty hand soap container

PVC or CPVC purple primer (you could try a different paint remover, but this is what we had on hand)

paper towels

Step 1:

First I used up the free soap that came with my hand soap dispenser.

In a well ventilated area, brush the CPVC primer on the painted parts of the plastic bottle that you want to remove.  The paint comes off pretty fast, so be prepared to wipe off with paper towels.

Step 2:

The primer is smelly, so I was glad to wipe it off fast.  Next I rinsed the outside of the container with water, then washed it and dried it.

I love my handy dispenser and the way it looks by my sink.  

Note: A very faint ghost of the original paint outline is visible on the container when empty, which is why I would not make this project for a gift.



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    Cool idea!! I have tried many techniques to make a soap dispenser for bathroom as well as kitchen purposes. Some of them were quite useful still I was not so satisfied with the results. Will try this out and let you know the experiences. Thanks.

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    Yes, MicawberSchism let me know how your new soap dispenser turns out, and I hope you like it as much as I like mine :)