Make a Kitchen Knife

Picture of Make a Kitchen Knife
This tutorial demonstrates how to make a kitchen knife out of a piece of new 0-1 tool steel.

In this post I make my first knife, and I do my best to document each step and provide you with the knowledge I had going into it, and also what I learned and how I would have done it differently. As I said, its my first knife, and I didn't do everything in exactly the right order. However, Im arranging this tutorial in the order that makes the most sense if I were to make another knife based on the knowledge I now have. Because of this, some of the pictures may reveal steps that you haven't seen yet. Dont worry, I dont think its too confusing.

Several weeks ago I was overcome by the need to make a kitchen knife. Right away I went online to find a tutorial (like this one), but didn't find exactly what I was looking for. Many websites I found showed how to, say, make a knife out of an old file or saw blade, but I couldn't find a complete, from scratch tutorial that combined all the steps and processes in one place. Through hours of online research I compiled all the different information I needed, and I thought I could make this easier for the next person by arranging all that info here. This is my first online tutorial so bear with me! 
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strooom1 year ago
Maybe just a little too much work for a knife that most likely will not be as sharp as a real Wusthof. But the great things is that through this instructable you learn to appreciate how much effort it takes to make a knife, and so you should treat them with love and care.
Nice work? Do you sell them?
Sam DeRose (author)  savorthefood1 year ago
Thank you! Haha, this one took me like two weeks, so I dont think I would make much money...
Candles1 year ago
You can find some nice blades here if you can't make one yourself
thats great for a first knife! I have made a few knives but not a kitchen knife yet.
sgarrison1 year ago
Unfortunately Annealing is the act of softening metal. In Ferrous metals this is accomplished by heating the piece and then cooling it down slowly. In non ferrous metals such as silver or copper quenching after heating produces the softened state.

The process you are describing is hardening, which is done before tempering.
Sam DeRose (author)  sgarrison1 year ago
Thanks! Ill be sure to change that. So tempering is like 'controlled' annealing?
EmcySquare1 year ago
Like it !!