Kumihimo is a traditional Japanese cord braiding technique. Kumihimo cords are usually braided on a marudai, which looks a bit like a stool with a hole in the middle. But for small-scale, portable braiding, a kumihimo disk works just fine, and why should you shell out for one made of foam or carve one out of wood when you have several dozen perfectly-sized disks in your home, and they already have holes right there in the middle?

That's right, I'm talking about CDs (or DVDs). Those things your kids won't know how to use. If you think I'm dippy for suggesting that you turn valuable CDs into crafting tools, all I can say is what the hell else are you going to use them for? Your phone probably plays MP3s. Spotify and Netflix will let you stream basically everything ever. You're not "retro" by insisting upon owning physical media, and if that's your angle, go vinyl or go home. 

Oh man, an LP would make a gigantic kumihimo disk! 

Anyway, if you're still with me, go dig up a shitty mix CD an ex made you years ago, or if you're like my in-laws and you used to own a music store, just get one of your seven copies of Dido's No Angel. Time to cut that crap up. 

Step 1: Materials


A kumihimo wheel template, printed from here. Set it for however many strands you will want to braid, and 12 cm diameter.
A CD or DVD. Probably not one of your Japanese Radiohead imports, but what about that old copy of Baldur's Gate in the basement? Alternately, get some crap media from the dollar store or thrift store.
A permanent marker.
A hacksaw or small handsaw.
<p>A great project for those clear discs that come in blank packages as protection to the discs.</p>
<p>This is a great idea! Thanks!</p>
<p>pretty cool - would look great with art on it but - use what ya got! Good idea - much better than cardboard which I have done a few times until I broke down and bought a foamy one. But this way i can have more than one project going. They are addicting!. </p>
Never heard of Kumihimo before--but you definitely have my interest. <br> <br>I'd probably resort to using a dremel tool with an abrasive cut-off blade to make all the notches. Power tools always make things look easier. <br>
Bless you. A little groggy from working all night, and the Dremel didn't leap to mind even after I thought, &quot;Damn, that's gonna make my hands hurt a lot.&quot;
This would not be the first time I have uttered the words, &quot;If only I had a Dremel!&quot;
Wonderful. Now I have a use for these rejected and bad CD &amp; DVD
That's such a fantastic idea - so much sturdier than the cardboard ones. :D

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