Step 5: Turret

Now its time to make the turret for the tank! Follow the instructions in the annotations in each picture.
I have only tried out mini tank designs.
Very well made and economic homemade design. This photo is a professional one from the internet.
Ha ha I'm done!
<p>Cool! Did you take any photos you can post here? I'd love to see it.</p>
Thanks for the instructions I'm Sabrina up to go to a piack a brick store and get the parts I need thanks ?
I did the whole thing with some minor changes.
<p>I built a challenger II but I used your build for inspiration. it truly is amazing</p>
If you didn't use instructions, you sir have a gift.
It looks awesome!
<p>you should sell those tanks!!!!!!for about $15.00 bucks you would have a lot of Legos and one you get more money you get more Lego to keep selling!</p>
<p>I had to improvise on the turret</p>
This is pretty cool and it made me sign up to this site!<br><br>
<p>I finished up putting this tank together. It is an impressive creation. I <br> became frustrated on the very first step when I discovered I had no 10 <br>stud beams and only 1 8 stud beam. I made it work but the wheels aren't <br>as uniformed as I would have liked. <br> <br>Towards the end, there were a few improvements I made. Nothing major, <br>just added reinforcement for the armored plates on the turrent.</p>
Man, this is AWESOME!!!
Cool I'm about to make it wright now:)
you genius Sam DeRose leave me a comment please...
<p>oh man! this makes me want to go out and buy legos.....</p>
wow thanks
Looks great! Voted for ya, good luck!
Thanks! Just a friendly FYI, I can't win contests since I'm an Instructables employee, so be sure to also vote for someone else too!
Awe what a bummer! No worries, I have voted for others that I found pretty slick as well. :)
This is cool, but at the beginning describing Plates, you said think instead of thin.
Here it is <br> <br>Plates are the think versions of bricks (3 stacked plates is as tall as a brick)
Oh yeah thanks for catching that! I need a proof-reader... My spelling and english are so bad, haha.
And I love the background On this!
This is a really cool tank. I really like how you've got the shape without manipulating the parts. Awesome work, definitely one I'll be trying out soon.
Great job. I will be making this with my son very soon.
This is amazing!
WOW!! Great job!
Cool I'd make this. Also I believe you mean to say &quot;tanks&quot;.

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