Step 6: Extra Credit - Making a Plywood Stand

After using my cardboard stand for 3 months or so, it started wearing out and becoming a bit sloppy. I could have made another one from cardboard but decided to make one out of plywood. It was simple enough - I just used the cardboard legs as a pattern. It looks like the plywood version will last me a long time.
Very good job! Easy to transport and store, reliable, easy to do. Thnaks for sharing.
could draw out a diagram to label out the measurements I'm still mixed up from the measurements of the distance away from the table and height of the LCD of the laptop.
Best one yet! Recyclable materials, simple, efficient, functional, easy storage. Congrats!
same here- i love it, and unlike some other ones of a similar design, you had a great, easy to follow instructable and a much more simple design.
Thanks! Any photos? - Billr
Well, actually i was looking at a few before seeing yours, and it was simple and easy, so...<br/><br/>Specifically, this one:<br/><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/cardboard-laptop-stand/">https://www.instructables.com/id/cardboard-laptop-stand/</a><br/>was gonna make it but then saw yours.<br/><br/>I also made one for my dad for fathers day (shh!)<br/>if you want, ill get some photos of <em>that.</em><br/>thanks alot! We dont make anything for father's day anymore!<br/>plus, he's always travelling on business trips, so the portability's a feature.<br/>Thank you again! 5 stars!<br/>
This was an awesome tip made mine for my lenovo T61. Basic as Bruc said but functional. THanks for the tips!
neonack, it would be great to see a picture of your stand! - Bill
This is spookily similar to a stand I developed last year and sell <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.ponoko.com/showroom/VanillaDesignStore/portable-laptop-stand-2277">http://www.ponoko.com/showroom/VanillaDesignStore/portable-laptop-stand-2277</a> - I make them in plywood and any colour of acrylic....<br/>
Just shows that great minds think alike! Hope you sell a lot of them! - Bill
OMG man i have the same Screen and laptop!!!
I like the simplicity and portability of your design, and was thinking that anyone having stability issues could probably place a cross beam across the front or back to keep all the pieces in place.
It's 5am in the morning and I finally finished making my laptop stand. When I first made it, the stand was wobbly and made my laptop tilt very slight to left. I adjusted the size to my 15.4 Dell XPS, still it did no good. There area a few things I want to point out. 0. This is a good concept and with the right material and design, it can be perfected. 1. The bottom of a laptop is not flat. Therefore the diagonal side of laptop stand has to be in a contoured shape. 2. When making a contoured shape, it is better to have the ends of the stand taller than the middle. It is even better to have a perfect fit to the laptop bottom. 3. I placed rubber bands near the middle of the stand. This stabilizes the stand in several ways: From two pieces from flapping around, and from the laptop from sliding side to side, from the stand from losing the grip on the desk. 4. Placing the rubber bands correctly will also let it fold the stand when not in use. 5. Make a little niche to keep the rubber bands in place. X. The heavier the laptop, more stable the stand will be. X. I would like to note that my laptop did not have the center of mass in the middle. Which means, I had to place my laptop slightly more to the one side. X. Making a perfect contour shape will be tough, because you have to place the pieces diagonally in respect to the laptop. I still has not perfected it, yet. But I like this laptop stand above other ones because it is portable.
Congratulations! Have you got a photo of your stand? I like the rubber band idea - my plywood stand is a bit slippery on my desk. Regarding the need for contouring, even though my 17" Dell laptop didn't have a flat bottom either, I just used a straight cut and I'm happy with the results. I guess it's a case of personal preference. -Bill

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