It is almost that time of the year, when you are getting rid of your old calendar and about to put up new ones. And if you have one of the calendar which has interesting pictures, why not follow this instructable and make an awesome laser cut puzzle.

In my case, I have a Star Wars themed calendar, and these would be ideal holiday gifts for my cousins, who are big Star Wars fans.

This instructable is inspired and designed based on How to make a personalized jigsaw puzzle by danemery

Step 1: Collect the Things You'll Need

Start of by collecting/buying the following things

  • 3 mm thick MDF, you will find this at your local hardware or hobby store
  • Multipurpose spray Adhesive
  • Old calendar/poster or wallpaper
  • Cloth
  • Scissors
  • Masking tape/painters tape, this is need to prevent burn marks on your picture while laser cutting.
  • Laser cutter , the best place to find one is at your local maker space.
If you are laser cutting for it, it means bright edges without burr, as it is the property of such a technique, and this puzzle is inspiring. Application of laser cutting can be checked at yorkshirelaser.co.uk.<br>
<p>I love it! Now I want to make some from the Ghibli calendar we have :)</p>

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