video Make a Laser Security System!
I thought that since this instructable will be submitted to the 4th epilog challenge, and since the grand prize is a Laser cutter, I might as well get in the mood and show you how to make a simple Laser security system. Feel free to tell me what you think and enjoy:
hey if u could specify the exact components and their values along with a circuit diagram ....tanx in advance
nice dude............
ramicaza (author)  Ankit sthapak3 years ago
thanks :D
sbonkosk3 years ago
That was real cool, thanks for showing how that works!
ramicaza (author)  sbonkosk3 years ago
you're welcome! glad you enjoyed it
Holy cow, the begining of your film really gave me a giggle. I love it. You should make movies little dude!
ramicaza (author)  BigBadgers20013 years ago
haha thanks :D