Introduction: Make a Lava Lamp

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Make a lava lamp that will amuse you greatly for around 5 minutes

Tall transparent container

My water is a bit cloudy because i used it twice.

Step 1: Adding Water+oil

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Well, it's that easy..

Just pour oil and water in whatever transparent container you want.

Step 2: Adding the Flour

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Add the flour.

Step 3: Lava Lamp Finished!!

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Wait for a while, then you will see the flour clumps sink in the oil, absorbing it.
Then, the clumps will sink in the water.
Then, the oil in the clumps of flour will start to float up...

After 5 minutes, the Lava Lamp calms down.
Now go add more flour.



n33r (author)2009-06-08

Great Job ! M Try Make 1 But WIll This Last Forever or till Flour Dissolves?

SenseiMike (author)n33r2009-06-16

It will last until all the flour has settled on the bottom of the glass and the oil has seeped out of it. Then you can add some more flour!

DrCoolSanta (author)2008-08-30

You won't believe that I just read the same thing in a book (with salt instead) 15 minutes before I saw this.

SenseiMike (author)DrCoolSanta2008-08-30

Well, YOU won't believe that I tried using salt just before I used flour, and found out that flour works better :)

DrCoolSanta (author)SenseiMike2008-09-02

lol, quite a coincidense

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