Picture of Make a Leather Cuff Bracelet from an Old Belt
This tutorial is going to show you how to turn an old leather belt into a cuff.

I have seen so many awesome leather belts at the thrift store, but most of them were not my size. This project gives me a whole new outlook on leather belts... just turn it into a cuff!
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Step 1: What You Will Need

Picture of What You Will Need
What You Will Need:
-Leather Belt
-Snap Fasteners Buttons (at any craft store)
-Setter & Anvil (Comes in Snap Fastener Button Kits)
-Rotary Hole Punch
-Mallet or Hammer
-Something to hammer on, like a cement surface with a hand towel on it
-Pen or Sharpie

Step 2: Lets Begin

Picture of Lets Begin
1. Start by wrapping the belt around your wrist.

Make sure it is fairly sung.
Give yourself 1 1/2" of extra length.

2. Cut the belt.

Another Option: 
You could also measure your wrist, add 2-3 inches,
then measure and cut your belt.

Step 3: Punching the Holes

Picture of Punching the Holes
For the Top Snap:
Right Side up, on either end of the belt ,go up a 1/2"-1" and
punch out a hole.

Start by using a smaller punch first.
You want the snap to be snug in the hole.
Try to slide one of the snaps into it.
If it definitely wont fit, go up one punch size.

For the Bottom Snap:
Once you get your top snap fastener in (see below) wrap the bracelet around your wrist again
and make a mark where you would like the bottom snap to be.
Punch out the hole.

ndubey23 years ago
nice work!