The instructable Make a Boo wall piece was a "springboard" for this project: an assignment for students to make a "Led wall piece" of their own design.

Since September 2012 I work part-time for Metzelaar Praktijkgilde, a starting up school where craftsmanship is in the center of the educational concept. Students are coached and taught by a team of professional craftsman and educators. After an introduction period of six weeks students work together with professional craftsmen on paid jobs. While on the job, students find out what they're good at and what they need to learn.

For the six weeks introduction period, the assignment of designing and making of a "Led wall piece" works great because a lot of aspects of different crafts and skills are introduced on a novice level. In the same time, making a logo of your own design (or your  favorite soccer team :-)) proves to be very rewarding and stimulating for the students.

For the instruction, I haven't used a powerpoint, worksheet or drawings. I used the real thing, a hands-on example in the form of my self made Boo wall piece. I find this much more efficient way of instruction than the text or picture based instruction.

Since the students made their own designs for the wall piece, a few extra's came along that I had not foreseen, but was very happy to include, such as the use of perspex, typography, using different colored led's, chiseling, etc.

We started with a very heterogeneous group of 11 students, aged from 17 to 31 with different levels of previous education.

General goals for this project are:
  • First and foremost: Make students enthusiastic about Making and providing a successful start with their just-started education.
  • Introducing different skills and materials to the students.
  • Investigating the students' skills in various disciplines.
  • Investigating the students' interests in different disciplines of craft.

On crafts:
  • Introduction to the crafts woodworking, painting, eletronics, calligraphy

Introduction and training of skills:
  • Introduction to the use of some tools: jigsaw, sander, chisel, router, soldering iron

On design:
  • Sketching
  • Dimensioning and technical drawing
  • Transferring design on wood
  • Use of colors
  • Typography

On electronics
  • Concepts of electrical circuit, current and voltage
  • Concepts of electrical resistance, use of resistors to limit a current
** Stay tuned to this instructable. Eight more wall pieces are still on their way to completion. I'll post more pictures and add some explanation in the upcoming weeks **
blazygut2 years ago
PSV all the way
stumitch2 years ago
Well done! I'm glad you won. Excellent 'ible.
ynze (author)  stumitch2 years ago
ynze (author)  ynze2 years ago
I reckoned your project as a potential winner, btw. Seems big fun to me flying the plane :-)
ynze (author) 2 years ago
Woooooowwwww, I won a MacBook Air in the Hands On Learning contest! Thanks to everyone for supporting!

Y (with a big big smile on his face :-D)
Dave A ynze2 years ago
Gefeliciteerd Ynze! Was zelf helaas niet door naar de finale met mijn giacomettii ible maar hoopte wel dat jij zou winnen. Een mooi project dit. Leuk te lezen dat je les geeft op een "vakschool". Zelf geef ik les op een vmbo met klassen vakcollege techniek en vakcollege zorg (waar ik zelf les aan geef).
ynze (author)  Dave A2 years ago
Dankjewel! Ik vond jouw Giacometti-project een beetje onderschat door de jury, het lijkt mij erg leuk en zinvol om te doen met leerlingen.

Dave A ynze2 years ago
Yep, dat vond ik ook, dank je. Hij was wel feautured en op de homepage dus wel weer een jaar pro membership maar de jury nam hem helaas niet mee. Ach ik ga hem nog verrtalen in nederlands en dan gebruik ik hem direct in mijn lessen.
ChrysN ynze2 years ago
ynze (author)  ChrysN2 years ago
:-D! Thanks!
janw2 years ago
I like the idea of a school teaching the traditional crafts. As a skilled craftsman myself (I was trained as harpsichordbuilder and cabinetmaker), I can only applaude those initiatives!

In The Netherlands as in Belgium, there has long been the idea that working with your hands is for stupid people and that you should got to university if you want to make something of your life. Nothing is more wrong! Studies show that people, who are doing traditions crafts, find theire jobs more rewarding and more fun to do. Most of them have no problem to find a job and often earn more that average wages.
ynze (author)  janw2 years ago
You're a harpischord builder, wow! I had no idea :-)

Thanks for supporting the initiative!
janw ynze2 years ago
Ik doe er voorlopig niet veel meer mee. Ik werk tegenwoordig als werkplaatsleider binnen de sociale werkvoorziening met als specialiteit handmatige kunststofverwerking.
wilgubeast2 years ago
That's awesome. Great projects, and that school sounds glorious.
ynze (author)  wilgubeast2 years ago
Thanks so much! Starting up a school from scratch takes a huge lot of energy. Seeing the students work on the projects makes it worth the trouble, big time...
Nice to see the concept of the Boo wall piece "grow".

Great Ible

You get my vote!
ynze (author)  masynmachien2 years ago
Thanks for the compliments and the vote :-)

See you upcoming Saturday!!!
mvieke2 years ago
Very cool idea and really nice instructable! You get my vote
ynze (author)  mvieke2 years ago
Thanks :-)
benpic102 years ago
I want to go to this school it sounds awesome! Great project too of course
It looks like the class came out with some really great designs, I anticipate your calligraphy lessons :)
ynze (author)  audreyobscura2 years ago
Thanks! The calligraphy lessons might take a while... :-p