Picture of Make a Lego Heart
This will show you how to make a small little lego heart, great for valentines day! There are some stores that sell these for 15 bucks in a chain or necklace form, but you can easliy make them by yourself! (If you don't want it to break apart, a tiny drop of super glue to the stud will hold it in place! Just make sure to wear some gloves!)

It won't break apart on a small drop, and takes about 5 minutes to make! Before you start, it does use 10 semi-rare parts that you need to make sure you have. Once you are finished, you can add, customize, or even make a necklace out of it! 
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Step 1: Gather the parts

 The main parts you will need are four roof tiles 1X2, and six of the inverted version, along with a few regular bricks with 1 width.

You don't need to use any exact color either, in fact, all red looks great!

Step 2: Starting the frame

Picture of Starting the frame
 To begin with the frame, make two groups of three roof tiles (inverted) together, as seen in the picture.

Step 5: Finishing it up!

Picture of Finishing it up!
To end, add 4 regular roof tiles on the top, making a heart! 

Step 6: Customize it!

Picture of Customize it!
Be sure you add your own little spa-zaz to show her you care! Add a chain, make an animal, heck strap on some velcro to the back and wear it!

You can make a necklace by drilling a small hole in the middle of the red section, and sliding a string through it!
mischka5 years ago
Not a big deal, but i like that nerdy valentines heart.