Introduction: DIY Lego USB

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In this instructable I will show you how to make a mod and make a Lego thumb drive, so get out your old Lego collection and start building!

You Need:

-Thumb Drive
-Lego bricks
-Super glue
-Razor blade

Step 1: Taking Apart Your Drive

Picture of Taking Apart Your Drive

First, take apart your thumb drive by cutting it open with the razor, then take the drive part out (without breaking it), and size it up to a Lego brick to determine what size you'll need. Then, head to your work place for the rest.

Step 2: Modding the Lego Brick

Picture of Modding the Lego Brick

Now get out your dremel or drill and drill out all the insides of your Lego brick, leaving only a "trough" which your drive will go.

Step 3: Sanding Down

Picture of Sanding Down

After your Legos insides are out you're going to sand it down to the size of two flat Legos, so stack two flat Legos on top of each other and trace a line onto the brick where your gonna shave off, look at the pictures for more help. I used a dremel to sand the brick down, on my first one a used a file but that took almost an hour. Amost Done!

Step 4: Making the Drive Fit

Picture of Making the Drive Fit

My drive didnt fit in the Lego brick so I had to widen the sides, so I took a drill to the sides and made it a little wider (You are most likely going to have to do this). Then, cut out a slot for the drives metal thingy.

Step 5: The Bottom

Picture of The Bottom

To finish your drive, take a flat brick and shave off all but two of the dots (this makes it so the bottom will fit into the other brick better) so your drive will fit, then simply glue the bottom piece onto the hollowed out shave down brick and your Done!

Step 6: Finished!

Picture of Finished!

Here is the finished product.

Ask if you have any questions



AlanB59 (author)2016-08-31

This was easier than I thought. Nice tutorial!

Gorilla22 (author)2016-02-15

I have to make one of these. I think I have over 10,000 bricks.

prov3 (author)2016-01-30

i can't made it


bmunk (author)2014-06-21

Pretty cool idea. I store all my Lego Digital Designer stuff on mine.

EastTucsonCadetmember (author)2013-11-26

Nice, it requires a drill with bits, witch I don't have.

joe ~~~~~~~ (author)2013-03-04

or maybe it could retractable?

joe ~~~~~~~ (author)2013-02-26

could you have a sheath on it?

Emsaid (author)joe ~~~~~~~2013-02-26

Yes you could. I need to update this ible soon, I changed the design a little and I'll need to show how to make the sheath aswell

adon3 (author)2012-07-31

Where did you get so many Legos from?

The Ideanator (author)adon32013-01-08

The store, obviously. Or the internet. I have a drawer full with perhaps that much.

Joncalebbrown (author)adon32012-09-13

that's not a lot of Legos, i have about 1 and a 1/2 times that much( 1 times that plus half of it) and I"m only 14! Just collect over the years :D

tw33k (author)2012-10-07

This is mine that i made i had to tweak some things but it turned out ok.

tw33k (author)tw33k2012-10-07


Emsaid (author)tw33k2012-10-07

looks great! nice job!

ttmighty (author)2012-09-05

Love these things!! I've made a few myself over the years, the current edition is a 64Gb one, with a keyring on the one end. I use a valet key ring so that it can be detached and not cause strain on the USB port of the device I plug it into. Also, for stability, I jump past the hot glue and use JB Weld epoxy resin inside. You have to wait a bit longer for the stuff to set prior to drilling the keyring hole, but I've had one now for about 4 years (1Gb model) and it still works great.

sci4me (author)2011-04-23

will it matter to the flash drive if its covered in hot glue?

STICKDUDESHOOTER (author)sci4me2011-05-12


Then is there any way to keep it from flopping around in the lego brick?

Actually hot glue won't effect it. Hot glue doesn't conduct and thats how the factorys secure it to the casing anyway.

Shiply DE (author)2012-04-25

great idea. i love lego!

ehhdean (author)2012-04-20


jdoggkuhn (author)2012-03-31

i have one like this but mine was red

MicioGatta (author)2012-03-22

I did it! >^.^<

Emsaid (author)MicioGatta2012-03-22

Looks great! thanks for posting a picture

monsterlego (author)2012-03-09

Finished mine today, nice job.

pyromonkey (author)2011-12-22

I would drill a small hole in the top so you could turn it into a key chain.

faith2010 (author)2011-08-21

I think this is great my son wants to design for legos. My son that this was awesome!!!

legoracer (author)2009-09-15

Same thing I did a while back. Except that I used a hobby knife to cut most of the plastic to the size I needed and then hand-sanded the inside walls of the brick to as close to the right thickness as I could. Be thankful you had the proper tools!

lemonie (author)2009-09-12

~~ ~~

Willard2.0 (author)lemonie2009-09-13

Bravo lemonie. That's the coolest thumb drive mod I have seen. Great job. Willard

Emsaid (author)lemonie2009-09-12

sweet did you make it?

lemonie (author)Emsaid2009-09-12

Yea, the technique is a bit different but pretty much the same. I was thinking of posting one... L

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