Step 2: Hylian Shield

Picture of Hylian Shield
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 For the Hylian Shield, you will need:
-2 Sheets of foam board (the stuff for science fair projects..)
-Craft Foam (I used FunFoam, which has a peel off backing and already has an adhesive on it)
-Paints: Blue, silver, red, gold, black, plus silver fabric paint.
-Modge Podge or Matte Medium
-Glue Gun

I began by folding a sheet of newspaper in half and drawing half of the shape of the shield. I cut it out, traced the unfolded newspaper on a sheet of foam board, and cut that out. I really wanted to get the shield to curve, so I soaked it in water and tried to curve it into shape. It worked better than I expected. While that was drying, I cut out the shapes for the triforce and the fourth triangle at the bottom out of the leftover pieces of the same piece of foam board. I cut the crest and silver pieces out of funfoam. I painted the funfoam and crest pieces their respective colors: gold for the triforce, red for the crest, and silver for the pieces on top. I mixed a little black with the silver to make a darker silver to make the angular effect on them. The base of the shield was painted blue. I then cut another piece out of newspaper to represent the silver part of the shield. I cut it out and painted it silver. I then used some of the darker silver to dry bush on top of that so it appeared more like brushed metal. It's not too visible in the picture, unfortunately. I glued everything in place, used dots of fabric paint to make the rivets, and then did a layer of modge podge over the whole thing once it was dry. I used a glue gun to attach pieces of fabric cable to allow the shield to have some sort of handle. I made a larger one for my arm to fit through, and another to hold on to. I also made a large one on top to fit over the hilt of the sword so I could wear it on my back as well. 
RJ_Laurant7 months ago

Did you also make the silver part curve?