Step 2: Hylian Shield

 For the Hylian Shield, you will need:
-2 Sheets of foam board (the stuff for science fair projects..)
-Craft Foam (I used FunFoam, which has a peel off backing and already has an adhesive on it)
-Paints: Blue, silver, red, gold, black, plus silver fabric paint.
-Modge Podge or Matte Medium
-Glue Gun

I began by folding a sheet of newspaper in half and drawing half of the shape of the shield. I cut it out, traced the unfolded newspaper on a sheet of foam board, and cut that out. I really wanted to get the shield to curve, so I soaked it in water and tried to curve it into shape. It worked better than I expected. While that was drying, I cut out the shapes for the triforce and the fourth triangle at the bottom out of the leftover pieces of the same piece of foam board. I cut the crest and silver pieces out of funfoam. I painted the funfoam and crest pieces their respective colors: gold for the triforce, red for the crest, and silver for the pieces on top. I mixed a little black with the silver to make a darker silver to make the angular effect on them. The base of the shield was painted blue. I then cut another piece out of newspaper to represent the silver part of the shield. I cut it out and painted it silver. I then used some of the darker silver to dry bush on top of that so it appeared more like brushed metal. It's not too visible in the picture, unfortunately. I glued everything in place, used dots of fabric paint to make the rivets, and then did a layer of modge podge over the whole thing once it was dry. I used a glue gun to attach pieces of fabric cable to allow the shield to have some sort of handle. I made a larger one for my arm to fit through, and another to hold on to. I also made a large one on top to fit over the hilt of the sword so I could wear it on my back as well. 
<p>Oh my god i laughed so hard at your first picture xD Youre awesome omfg. </p>
<p>Did you also make the silver part curve? </p>
Cute lol
Be my best friend. ^_^
Your shield is better than mine (but mine is wood) and my gauntlets are real but this costume is really good.( you could have carved the blade better though, his has a little cut out space at the base)
I love the person in the back doorway just staring at you XD
I love the addition of Navi! <br>I made my lil sis a Link costume for Halloween. I'm so proud of her! haha. <br>Very good job! I made a deku shield, It was easier for me to draw haha.
OMG I love this!!! My brother and I were just talking about this for next Halloween!! I am going as Link, he will goes as Shadow Link from ocarina of time, and my 2 year old is going to be Navi!!! :) and if I can swing it, her stroller or wagon will be decorated (with cardboard) as Epona!!<br><br>We still haven't decided on what his girlfriend will be....we thought maybe those spikey things from the water temple, sense shes a pain in the butt!!! XD<br><br>Thank you for posting this, it's amazing!!
I love ocarina of time. never played twilight princess.
i have its ultra fun im at the water templ and allmost beat it till my battereys ran out <br>:P
I&nbsp;love the little details! :D<br />
&nbsp;thank you! :)
horibil I:( (i dont mean to be mean but it is sorry)
you could just get a nerf sword
i gotta work in secret so my sis doesnt call me a nerd and i gotta tone it down alot so i can where it but nice
yay Link!
&nbsp;I suggest coating this with something that would make it waterproof
&nbsp;Finally! Another girl that is a fan of Zelda! But i could never do anything like you.
You ever heard of pikminlink?&nbsp; she's on deviant art and she's really amazing.<br />
Oohh fancy! super creative! (:<br />
AHAHHAHHAHAAHAHA, lovely....<br />
Now lets see a Shiek costume ^^
&nbsp;Nicely done. Your instructable was the only one to come up when searching for &quot;hyrule&quot;. I wish I was better with costumes.
Thanks, don't hesitate to ask if you need help with anything.

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