Make A Lioness Mask.

Make a lioness mask using clay. A mannequin head is used for a template to make and create the lioness mask, by sculpting the clay onto the mannequin head. The mannequin template gives the shape of a face to fit onto a human face, while sculpting the lioness design into the clay. The mannequin head was casted from concrete and molded from a regular polystyrene mannequin head which are easily available from shops or online at Ebay, etc.

In this YouTube video, the process of making the mask from clay is shown from start to finish, showing results which can be achieved using this particular process. The mask has been sculpted, in view of making molds for future cast productions using materials such as resin, concrete, plaster of Paris and so on.

At this stage the sculpture is ready for molding and will be molded in materials such as liquid latex, silicone, or any molding material which is best suited for this particular type of mask sculpture.

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