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In 2012 We decided to have a Vampire Themed Halloween Party.  So I needed some decorations to make our place feel more like a Haunted Castle.  I knew I wanted to make a fake MACE prop to hang above the mantle, but wasn't sure how to do it.

Then at a local pharmacy chain store, I saw a toy ball with spikes and I knew I could attempt it with just whatever I had laying around the house.

Here's what you'll need (Almost everything but the toy ball I found at home, but most of these items can be found at any local hardware store cheap)

A "spiked" toy ball
Metallic or Silver Spray paint
Piece of an old broom handle or 3" thick wooden dowel
Short length of Old Rusty Chain
Eyelet screw
Wood stain or black/brown craft paint
Super Glue or other similar adhesive
Swivel chain from an old toy
Needle-nose pliers

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Step 1: Step One

Picture of Step One

To make this go a lot quicker, I spray painted the "spiked" toy ball first, giving it plenty of time to dry.  I propped it up before spray painting (I just used the spray paint cap to prop it up).  You will definitely want to cover your work surface with newspaper, I use aluminum foil so that the paint doesn't stick to my project.

Step 2: Step Two

Picture of Step Two

While the ball is drying you need to deal with the chain.  Remove the swivel mechanism carefully using the needle-nose pliers, you will need to wrap one end of the swivel mechanism around the end of the chain.  Pinch or twist securely around the chain so that it will not come loose.

Step 3: Step Three

Picture of Step Three

Whatever kind of chain you can find is good, the older looking the better.  I happened to have an old dog chain on-hand.  The thinner the chain, the easier it is to work with.  You can even use plastic chain if you have some.  One end you will need to open up.  Once you open it up, insert the eye screw, and using the pliers, pinch closed as tightly as you can.

jt0813 (author)  nerfrocketeer2 years ago
@nerfrocketeer: Thanks!
nhormell2 years ago
great ible
i actually just purchased a real mace for display on my wall (and prepping for the zombies...jk) and i was informed that a mace with a chain is called a flail whereas one with a solid rod is a mace.
this is a great idea and a great prop (i just might have to make one for one of my costumes) thank you for sharing
jt0813 (author)  nhormell2 years ago
@nhormell: I debated calling it something other than a Mace, but decided to go with it so that the average Halloween Prop-Maker could find it. Thanks a lot, and please post Yours if you make one, I'd love to see it. This was my first attempt, lots of room for improvement.