In 2012 We decided to have a Vampire Themed Halloween Party.  So I needed some decorations to make our place feel more like a Haunted Castle.  I knew I wanted to make a fake MACE prop to hang above the mantle, but wasn't sure how to do it.

Then at a local pharmacy chain store, I saw a toy ball with spikes and I knew I could attempt it with just whatever I had laying around the house.

Here's what you'll need (Almost everything but the toy ball I found at home, but most of these items can be found at any local hardware store cheap)

A "spiked" toy ball
Metallic or Silver Spray paint
Piece of an old broom handle or 3" thick wooden dowel
Short length of Old Rusty Chain
Eyelet screw
Wood stain or black/brown craft paint
Super Glue or other similar adhesive
Swivel chain from an old toy
Needle-nose pliers

Step 1: Step One

To make this go a lot quicker, I spray painted the "spiked" toy ball first, giving it plenty of time to dry.  I propped it up before spray painting (I just used the spray paint cap to prop it up).  You will definitely want to cover your work surface with newspaper, I use aluminum foil so that the paint doesn't stick to my project.

<p>wow! that's so cool and its practically with around the house materials</p>
@nerfrocketeer: Thanks!
great ible <br>i actually just purchased a real mace for display on my wall (and prepping for the zombies...jk) and i was informed that a mace with a chain is called a flail whereas one with a solid rod is a mace. <br>this is a great idea and a great prop (i just might have to make one for one of my costumes) thank you for sharing
@nhormell: I debated calling it something other than a Mace, but decided to go with it so that the average Halloween Prop-Maker could find it. Thanks a lot, and please post Yours if you make one, I'd love to see it. This was my first attempt, lots of room for improvement.

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