Ok, it's 10 o'clock at night, too early for bed, and boy, I'd love to be able to see through walls, because my neighbours are making one hell of a racket... I know, I'll make a magic eye, a MAD MAGIC EYE. (big sigh) At the risk of looking like a complete Harry Potter nut (it's the kids, not me; honest guv...) I'll risk posting one more Harry Potter type project.

This one is really easy and looks absolutely wicked. I was able to finish it by midnight and that included designing it as I went along and taking the photos, so I reckon you could probably make this in less than an hour... if you have the stuff to hand, that is.

Mad Eye Moody was one of my favourite Harry Potter characters. Brusque but brutally honest, tough and resourceful, with a compassionate side, he is the wizarding world's best known cyborg as a result of his prosthetic magical eye which can rotate 360 degrees and see through almost everything (including walls, doors, invisibility cloaks and the back of his own head), hence the nickname "Mad-Eye".

Please take a moment to make this mad eye, in his honour and wear it with pride. Unfortunately my mad eye, while looking the part, actually impedes your vision, being more of a patch than a bionic eye, becuase the whole magical thing was beyond the scope of this instructable.

Happy mad eye making.

If you like making stuff from junk, then why not have a look at my site dadcando where you'll find a few really nice making from junk projects on there which you should have fun with.

Also look out for my instructable on putting your self in the picture, where I show you how I made my final poster image (coming soon).

Step 1: Bits You'll Need

You don't need much to make the Mad Eye. Becuase this is a project made out of junk, you might have to be inventive, I have given a few alternatives. I used:

Table Tennis Ball (eye)
Old leather watch Strap
Strip of fabric from an old pair of trousers
A screw
A bottle lid (from a 4 pint milk poly-bottle)
Some velcro (hook and eye fastener strip) from an old piece of clothing.

If any of these are not to hand, as alternatives, try:

An under-arm deodorant ball roller for the eye (take care hack sawing it in half, they are strong)
An old handbag or laptop bag strap (check with owner first!) leather is best
A buckle instead of velcro (from the bag strap or watch strap)

And that is it, so easy really, you will find the following equipment useful:
Permanent Marker
Craft knife (or scalpel)
Glue Gun (or very rapid two part epoxy)
Gold paint (or gold nail varnish or spray or rub n' buff)
Blue and white paint (or felt tip pens) (you will need white if you use a deodorant ball)
<p>I made mine a little differently because I had different materials at hand, and because I wanted to be able to see through the eye. I will be wearing it while pouring molten aluminum. I need to see well, so I don't endanger anyone's feet. I used a lens from an &quot;eyeball&quot; hologram pair of sunglasses. I used Goop instead of hot glue gun for an adhesive. It is very strong. The whole rig goes over my safety glasses. Thanks for the fun instructable!</p>
<p>Cool mad eye, and one that you can actually see through... eyes, seeing... mmm it'll never catch on ;-)</p>
Awesome, and looks quite simple!
Just thought i would send a picture of my sons costume thanks for the instructable
That's amazing, a very impressive costume and mad eye. Thanks so much for sending the picture to me. If you private message me with your email address, I'll set up a free lifetime membership of www.dadcando.com, where you'll find a load of other nice projects to do, and where you could also upload these pictures if you want. Cheers, Chris
Actually, considering it was permanent, he wouldn't need it to be removable :)
If I gave you money, could you make this for me?
I wish I had the stuff to make this
whoa. wait. hold up. Is that a tennis ball or ping pong ball?? Just wondering because I am going to be going as mad eye to the the premier in a couple of weeks :D<br>
Sorry I misread it. I didn't notice that it said *table* tennis ball :)
Hey this is awesome. Can you try to make his walking stick thing as well? <br />
Why did you have to make dadcando.com where you have to pay to sign up?: (
I couldn't afford to do it for free any more, so it was that or not do it any more, the cost if running it was getting too much for me. How would you suggest I fund it?? it's not expensive for a sign up, but running it has used up all my money.
If you want to cover the costs, advertising should accomplish that easily and depending on your traffic, make money for you as well while keeping your site accessible to a wider audience.
Who likes their viewing pleasure to be interrupted by advertising... come on be honest. You don't go into a McDonalds or a book shop and demand the products for free. £9.95 per year is hardly expensive. Do you have a website that makes money or even covers its cost by advertising? Not many people do. Charging is the more normal way of paying for services (pre web) and allows me to develop the best quality.
It was an alternative to charging an annual fee, and would guarantee higher traffic for your website. Many websites exist exclusively or primarily on ad revenue such as this website, Youtube, Hulu. Ad revenue is what Google is based on. Most people don't mind ads, and it's more work for me to whip out a form of payment than to look at an add or two. You are definitely free to charge people how you like but you asked for an alternative and ad revenue is a valid one.
I'm not really that interested in traffic, more in making something of value. You Tube has never made a profit and has raked up an enormous loss. Google makes money selling advertising space to people not by advertising itself and as a result of Google advertising we have those useless ad riddled sites and almost parasitic sites that don't actually give you the information that you want. Most of the best sites don't / can't rely on advertising because on average it pays about 10c to 20c per view with more if someone clicks. Bit then I asl myself, why would someone come to my site and then want to be conned into clicking an advert when they have actually searched for and found my site? lets say I get 20c per view. I can then make my content really annoying so that you have to scroll through multiple pages to get all the stuff you want (so I get more page views) who likes actually doing that? any-hoo at even 20c per view (and it is not that high) 1000 views = $2 revenue, 10,000 views = $20, 100,000 views = only $200. barely a days salary, certainly not the cost of running a team and supplying computers, software and the server costs needed to serve up 100,000 hits per day. Then we go into Instructables territory, 1,000,000 hits a day. Think how much Instructables costs to run... ad view revenue alone could be as little as $2,000 a day. Cool but there are only relatively a few websites in the word getting 1M hits a day. I wanted my site to be free, and I wanted advertising to work for that reason, but then I read an article by the guy that runs Instructables in which he said that they had recently had their first month where their costs equaled that of their revenue, i.e. they went cash neutral. <br/><br/>Compare all that with making something and actually asking someone else to pay for it, and only pay a tiny amount to get access to three years of work and ideas. After all, I work and someone pays me for my work is the basis of all human enterprise. I think that web advertising and the idea that it is possible to make money for free (basically) has provided the possibility of a huge explosion of web sites, but in reality the ones that will tough out over the next few years who are not making any money, will either be those which do not use the web revenue as their core revenue (ie they have a shop or are a charity, or some other business) or for people who just want to publish in a small way and don't need to make money out of it, i.e. they have a day job. The rest wil perish. and that will include You Tube unless a way can be found to make it make money.<br/><br/>And I'll leave you with one last thought... if we had to pay a few pence for each email (a bit like SMS texting) we sent, then there would bespam and no intrusive and dangerous scamming on the web (because it would cost them too much to do) and the web would be about 1000 times faster, cleaner and better, and your in box wouldn't be full of spam. Free is nice, but I have come to know that nothing and i mean absolutely nothing in life comes with out a cost, although I'm sure now that 100s of people will give me examples of free stuff.<br/>
&nbsp;The shame is that 10 pounds is Oz$20+ and our cost of living is a lot cheaper than the UK so that's a fair whack of money.
This all makes sense. The price for me would be US&nbsp;$16, which is a bit more than I can afford.<br />
I would rather see banner ads then pay ANY amount of money to view a website.
Ah the pay vs advertising debate. I don't mind banner ads if the site has just a few. But you have to have enough traffic to make limited advertising work.<br/>I'll never tell anyone how to run their site though. Especially mad-eye.<br/>I want to poke that eye with my finger so bad, haha.<br/><br/>Steven<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://scrabblecheat.com">http://scrabblecheat.com</a> never lose a game again<br/><br/>
ho ho, it does look so ripe for the poking, like one of those lovely shiny (expensive) speaker cone domes. I'll poke it for you.... ouw ... there you are.
fair enough, there's certainly no shortage of those.
I just finished making this and am letting the clear nail polish I used to make the eye a bit shiny dry. It's going to be a gift for a friend who really likes Mad Eye Moody's character. I will take a picture of it when he gets it and see if I can get him to put it on and take a photo of it that way, too.<br /> I couldn't get my hands on a table tennis ball, so instead I used a mini-ball ornament from an old mini Christmas tree and, just painting it white, worked just as well. A little substitution for those of us who can't find table tennis balls, ha ha. I used those little circles of velcro to make it adjustable to fit different head sizes, because I didn't know the exact size of his head. So that's something else to think about, if its for someone besides yourself, like an adjustable ball cap. <br /> This was surprisingly easy to make. The hardest part was painting the eye, in my opinion, because I am a horrible painter/drawer. <br /> Fantastic project!&nbsp;Thank you for posting it!!!<br />
very cool i&nbsp; have one and is awsome this project is made by dadcando .
I am using a gag &quot;floating eye&quot; instead of a ping pong ball.<br />
Amazing!! I'd try tea-staining the eye, so it's yellower
One thing that occurred to me is that you could use a Tagua Nut cut in half for Mr. Moody's eye, and it would come out that creamy ivory color, and may look a little more realistic. Google "Tagua Nut".
This is heaps cool, so realistic but may I suggest that the eye should be a bit to the right or left he doesnt really look down in the film... lol. This is also really easy so thanks KaptinScarlet
yes, get what you mean. Eye can be positioned anyhow, so better to have it looking where you want it to.
Yeah. Thanks again!
Very well written-great idea and wonderful pictures. Well done! thanks for sharing your cool invention
the Allens as (from left to right) Sybil Trelawney, Hermione Granger, Mad-eye Moody, and Katie Bell
Oh, that's <em>awesome</em>. You guys look great!<br/>
Sorry, I meant to say thanks at the end of the last comment. Cheers Chris
Do you have a higher resolution version of this image, with your permission I would like to put it up on line at dadcando in the Wizarding section.
That is really brilliant, must have been a fantastic party, love the background too, really festive, you're sooo lucky to have aview like that to look out on ;-))
Wow, great! And it looks so natural on you. But really really great instructable; so clear and easy to understand. Great pictures too!
Thx... it looks so natural on me... I don't know whether that is a compliment or a home truth!!
Well, it was supposed to be a joke. I should have added a winking face in there. ;)
my reply was slightly tongue in cheek too, so may be I should have done as well ;-)
I think it would look nicer yet if you gave the eye a glossy clear coat. It would also protect the iris and pupil from wear.
Yes I think you're probably right, but if you want the eye to be smooth and glossy, then it is probably a better idea to paint it using a mask and spray paint or an airbrush first and then lacquer it
you look like our principal!!!.....4**
does he normally were a mad eye?
wicked havent tried it yet but im going to
great, can't wait to see what you make

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