Showing to people 2 dollar bill.Place one under the other.Take sharp scisor and cut the two bill.Unbelievable the 2 dollar are restored.!This instructable will show you how it works ! cool :)

Step 1: What you need

Picture of what you need
you need

2 identical money paper (mine is 5 dollars canadian)

Baby powder (talc)

2 coat rubber cement

sharp scissor
Whoa... Canadian money...
JZweige7 years ago
Excellent idea. The problem is: we lose some money.... It's the cost of the show, isn't it.... lol
Actually Canadian notes are still valid after taping them together ;)
geekazoid6 years ago
Nice, keep posting
piee6 years ago
can i use the normal glue...... coat rubber cement ... where can i get it.... i have just the my own white cement... haha lol
Just remember after you are done tape the 2 halves back together. (The right halves of course.)
I taped the two RIGHT halves together, but it looks kinda funny.
Dang... I agree with mattmfhe... that's so cool. :-)
So cool