We've all seen those mason jar soap dispensers at expensive home decor stores or at little markets or online or wherever. My wife has always wanted one, and I figured I could make one pretty easily and for a fraction of the cost of one you would buy in a store. Actually, it was free to build!

What you'll need:

-A mason jar with lid

-An old plastic soap dispenser (just the cheap ones you buy anywhere)

-Some soap


-Hot glue gun

-Drill (drill press is preferable if you have access to one, but not necessary)

-Hole saw (size depends on the diameter of your soap dispenser's threads)

-Hobby/box-cutting knife

-A round metal file

-Sharpie or other marker


-Clamp of some sort (to keep the mason jar lid from spinning when you drill the hole in it)

-Primer and paint (optional, but recommended)

Let's get started!

Step 1: Gather Supplies

First thing that you need to do is get your mason jar and old soap dispenser. If you don't have any mason jars, they can be found all over the place for next to nothing. Garage sales are a great place to pick them up. Failing that, try calling up your grandma and ask if she has any delicious preserves for you in the cold cellar :).

Remove the lids from both your mason jar and soap dispenser. I washed my soap dispenser pump just to get the old soap out and have it nice and clean. Don't throw away the soap dispenser plastic bottle, we'll need it later! Set the jar aside for now.

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<p>Hi. Could you give me an example of anywhere to purchase mason jars please? All I can seem to find are the ones for drinks with handles. I want to make these to resell so must be cheap enough. Thanks in advance. </p>
Hi there,<br><br>It depends on where you live I suppose. I live in Canada and you can buy them at Canadian Tire for fairly cheap. Another good source to get cheap ones would be local thrift stores or garage sales. Many hardware stores sell mason jars as well, so that may also be a good place to start.<br><br>Chris
<p>Thank You for this. I wasn't to sure if I could use Hot Glue to glue it together considering almost everyone on Youtube was using Crazy Glue. I didn't have Crazy Glue so I post poned this until now... Thanks again.</p>
<p>No problem! Hope your project goes well :)</p>
Nice Ibble. This has way more uses than just soap since it should be relatively air tight it would make a good flavored olive oil or cooking oil dispenser to keep them from going rancid, but you would maybe skip the paint job and put some food grade silicone between the bottle top and lid.
<p>Thanks! Yeah I'm sure it would be no problem to use as an oil dispenser as it is pretty well air tight. Thanks for the comment :)</p>
<p>Awesome! :-D </p>
<p>Thank you :)</p>
<p>Fantastic! Now you can make me some more... :):)</p>
<p>Hahaha I'll get to work soon!</p>

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