Working at McDonalds for 2 years has taught me many valuable life-skills...
This is the most important...

1 Pen
1 Medium McDonalds Fry Box (only tried it on Australian one's - feel free to tell me if it works on anything else)
2 Hands (Hell, 1 Hand, I managed it holding a camera)

A small puppet that, if used correctly, will move it's mouth up and down. Cheap, recycling, a reason to eat more fast food: Its the invention of the century!

Step 1: Open the Fry box

Nothing hard here, most of you will get yours opened and full of fries anyway.
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wow, you have to much free time.
too much free time? I was meant to be working ;P
Posting Instructables no one looks at - Me Wishing I had a friend that wasn't partially insane- Me
My dad and I built a small shed in the back, and it had Power, A/C, and TV. Then we moved the next month...
This house was built by an electrician. As a result, the fans are dodgy, the lightswitches in the kitchen turn on the lights in the office, and every room (including the shed) has at least 5-8 powerplugs + TV aerial port.
looks like we'll both be first prize winners!!!!!!!!!!!!!! w00t
You, maybe. But there's a fair while left and I'll be the first to admit mine is just barely relevant to this competition...
yeah, but you have the second biggest amount of views...
Nah, its just the birght colours on my first image - that and the promise of cheap McDonalds
ha ha
Another thing: the pencil case in the background has an official McDonald's nametag sauying "McDouche". It costs me $5 to replace these since they are so often stolen. This one is superglued on. Today (3 days after the photo was taken) the tag was removed by means of a gaping hole in my pencilcase - reward if returned.
doesnt it get pretty cold in a shed?
Not that cold here Bundaberg, but occasionally it gets a bit chilly. There's old blankets in one of the boxes and I had a heater (until I realised it was making the lights / my external harddrive flick on and off)
-googles- hmm, well im in the northwest U.S it gets pretty cold, so i was thinking about that. well a while i kept a server outside to keep it from getting so hot, (about 50 to 60 degrees C)
One of my mates had a CPU that would kick up to 60 by the time you loaded BIOS. Running at 2am with a desk fan pointing straight into the side-less case, he reckons he clocked it at 75 before it crashed.
damn, that would suck. well, my hard drive just decided to fail and then i just got an older one, then my ethernet card and power supply failed, i just said forget it, a celeron is just not really worth it.
Any word on whether this works on non-AU fry boxes? Its surprisingly hard to find a good database listing international fry-box dimensions...
Two more weeks of solitary confinement for ya, At least this disguises the talking to yourself like the people who wear a bluetooth headset and walk around...

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Bio: I'm a year 12 student in Queensland, Australia. I work part-time at McDonalds and I'm about to go have lunch.
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