Make a McDougall





Introduction: Make a McDougall

Working at McDonalds for 2 years has taught me many valuable life-skills...
This is the most important...

1 Pen
1 Medium McDonalds Fry Box (only tried it on Australian one's - feel free to tell me if it works on anything else)
2 Hands (Hell, 1 Hand, I managed it holding a camera)

A small puppet that, if used correctly, will move it's mouth up and down. Cheap, recycling, a reason to eat more fast food: Its the invention of the century!

Step 1: Open the Fry Box

Nothing hard here, most of you will get yours opened and full of fries anyway.

Step 2: Opening Mechanism

Invert the box, place your finger as shown in the picture and press firmly (being careful not to break it at edges).

Step 3: Complete It

This is where your inner artist takes over - Using the nicko (or any pen on hand - if it'll write on the cardboard) begin to draw the face. Feel free to use the image a guide, this is my interpretation of my manager, Muzza, who was not entirely appreciative of my artistic talent when I was meant to be working.

To use, place fingers on either side at the top, squeeze gently and the mouth should begin to close. If the mouth doesnt close far enough, bend it forward and then try again, if the box breaks when you squeeze it, just make another and squeeze it higher up / not as hard.

Step 4: Destroy the Evidence

Burn it
Bin it
Hide it in your pocket
Just don't show it to your friends.

Seriously, you may be sitting around the table thinking of something fun to do, but DO NOT attempt this in front of a live audience. They will NOT find it funny, they will shun you, they will ignore you, you will be forced to post lousy instructables from a cold, lonely shed..

Once you are in private, feel free to laugh at your own antics and wish you had real friends.



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wow, you have to much free time.

too much free time? I was meant to be working ;P

Posting Instructables no one looks at - Me Wishing I had a friend that wasn't partially insane- Me

My dad and I built a small shed in the back, and it had Power, A/C, and TV. Then we moved the next month...

This house was built by an electrician. As a result, the fans are dodgy, the lightswitches in the kitchen turn on the lights in the office, and every room (including the shed) has at least 5-8 powerplugs + TV aerial port.

looks like we'll both be first prize winners!!!!!!!!!!!!!! w00t

You, maybe. But there's a fair while left and I'll be the first to admit mine is just barely relevant to this competition...

yeah, but you have the second biggest amount of views...

Nah, its just the birght colours on my first image - that and the promise of cheap McDonalds