Picture of Make a Minecraft Creeper Face With Legos
Here is how to make a Minecraft Creeper face with Legos
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You need green peices, black peices, and some flat 4*4s to make this.

 *Green: 2 2*4s, 2 1*4s, 7 2*1s, and 2 1*1s.

 *Black: 2 2*2s, 1 2*3, and 1 1*3.

 Flat: 4 flat 4*4s

*This is pixel art, so you can use subsitutes as long as they keep the flat peices together.

Step 2: Building it

Picture of Building it
First, make the base by putting the flat 4*4s in a square so they become a big 8*8

*To make the frame, put a 4*1 with two 2*1s beside it (horizontally) at the top and bottom of the base.
Then, place the 4*2s on either side of the base, with 2 2*1s above them(vertical).

Next, put a 2*1 horrizontaly above the bottom 4*1 and a 2*2 below the top one.
After that, put in 2 1*1s beside the top of the 4*2s

Fill in the rest with black.

*Frame=all green

Step 3: Done!

Picture of Done!
legoman1112 years ago
You should try to make it so that 1 stud= 1 pixel. Also, the bottom of the face is at the bottom of the head.
monsterlego3 years ago
ssssss... ssssss... BOOM!
ereinwand3 years ago
scistone (author)  ereinwand3 years ago
rjones44 years ago
This is really cool thanks for posting it
scistone (author)  rjones44 years ago