Introduction: Make a Minecraft Creeper Face With Legos

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Here is how to make a Minecraft Creeper face with Legos

Step 1: Materials

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You need green peices, black peices, and some flat 4*4s to make this.

 *Green: 2 2*4s, 2 1*4s, 7 2*1s, and 2 1*1s.

 *Black: 2 2*2s, 1 2*3, and 1 1*3.

 Flat: 4 flat 4*4s

*This is pixel art, so you can use subsitutes as long as they keep the flat peices together.

Step 2: Building It

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First, make the base by putting the flat 4*4s in a square so they become a big 8*8

*To make the frame, put a 4*1 with two 2*1s beside it (horizontally) at the top and bottom of the base.
Then, place the 4*2s on either side of the base, with 2 2*1s above them(vertical).

Next, put a 2*1 horrizontaly above the bottom 4*1 and a 2*2 below the top one.
After that, put in 2 1*1s beside the top of the 4*2s

Fill in the rest with black.

*Frame=all green

Step 3: Done!

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legoman111 (author)2013-02-17

You should try to make it so that 1 stud= 1 pixel. Also, the bottom of the face is at the bottom of the head.

monsterlego (author)2012-01-13

ssssss... ssssss... BOOM!

ereinwand (author)2011-09-01


scistone (author)ereinwand2011-09-11


rjones4 (author)2011-07-29

This is really cool thanks for posting it

scistone (author)rjones42011-07-30


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