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It was designed to be a as small as possible(so I could use it in school, shh...), and it's fairly simple.

Ya Need:

-PVC pipe that roughly matches the size of the speaker
-a pair of headphones that you are willing to destroy
-super glue
-soldering iron
-more super glue

Sorry, I already made it, but you can still see inside of it.

Step 1: Cut Headphones and Solder

Picture of Cut Headphones and Solder
Cut around 5 inches from the end of the cord. Strip an inch off and you'll notice 3 wires inside. Usually two are insulated. Just twist those two together, making the positive wire. The other one will be negative. Burn or melt(with soldering iron) the insulation off of the positive(the two you twisted). Then plug in your music player and touch it to the speaker thingyz to make sure it works before you solder. If it works you can solder 'em up, but make sure you grab the handle. Unfortunately, I missed.
Aadav 8 days ago

I asked how to make the speaker and not how to connect it to the ipod

susman3 years ago
I took Apart My Big Pc Speakers To Make A Portable One For My BlackBerry. But THe Volume Is Nearly Not as Much As That Of The Original One.

ya need power

roman9123 years ago
please reply, do i need a battery to be connected to the speaker or does the ipod power it
jaredsalzano (author)  roman9123 years ago
The iPod powers the speaker. You don't need a battery.

Your ipod does not supply power, you will/could end up frying your ipod's jack

meme943 years ago
David973 years ago
This would work great using the amplfyer curcuit from this instructable.
rendezvu4 years ago
Hey Jared, nice work on the speakers! How long does it take for your battery to drain? Also, how loud does it get?
jaredsalzano (author)  rendezvu4 years ago
I never have problems with battery because I keep it in an Ihome, but i never recall it running out when using this.

It doesnt get too loud, but that depends on which you use. You cant blast it but its loud enough
TSC5 years ago
sweet nice job Jaredsalzano. look at  the one i did /www.instructables.com/id/small-speaker/


dagenius6 years ago
I made a speaker out of a juice bottle, but it looks wwwwaaaayyyy worse than yours. ;)
Unless you keep the amplifier circuit with the speakers it should theoretically only be as loud as headphones, it will be louder because it is bigger but it will take more power that just the little bit from your ipod won't support, although this has gotten my creative ideas going
Bridel5686 years ago
jaredsalzano (author)  Bridel5686 years ago
yeah, they're always saying only to use a drop.
vodo6 years ago
link please. thanks.
jaredsalzano (author)  vodo6 years ago

i'm not sure if that's the exact model but it looked exactly the same
vodo6 years ago
where did you get the speaker. its coool!!
jaredsalzano (author)  vodo6 years ago
well i took apart some mini ipod speakers because they were too big
vodo6 years ago
ken you use earbuds? o_o tanks!
jaredsalzano (author)  vodo6 years ago
you mean for the cable on the end? if so, yes, that will work. if you're talking about the speaker, no way! too quiet!
syzer6 years ago
May i know which type of speaker you have used ?? i mean of how much ohm
jaredsalzano (author)  syzer6 years ago
i'm not sure what kind, it doesn't say. if you are worried about size, i didn't measure anything in the making, but both the PVC and the speaker diameters are 2 inches
junits156 years ago
apurvh6 years ago
Can i connect my guitar with a processor to it?
jaredsalzano (author)  apurvh6 years ago
yeah why not? it wouldn't be too loud, but go ahead.
I had an old ihome i destroyed for parts. It had 4 speakers. I took those with some old headphones and i had sound. Unfortunately, my ipod couldn't power these speakers, so i had to hook them up to a power source. At first i used an old cell phone battery, which worked until the battery died (old battery, no charger). I the n decided to make a contraption to convert the 110v outlet power to the speakers, since they were originally powered by outlet. Unfortunately, the wires were touching the metal external of my ipod when i plugged in into the outlet. I can now only hear out of one speaker.
aww that sucks. maybe you could power one speaker with batteries and one without? i wanted to make an adapter that you can plug multiple speakers into, and plug that into your ipod.