Picture of Make a Ministry of Magic memo (owl airplane)
Everyone who has read or seen The Order of the Phoenix knows that the Ministry of Magic uses paper airplanes to send inter-office memos (the owl droppings were making a mess),

The Daily Prophet is reporting that some owls are quite peeved about loosing their jobs. In an effort to prevent an owl strike, the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures has used transfiguration to create a dropping-free owl/paper airplane hybrid.

Now you can make your very own owl airplane to transmit your super-secret messages. Just don't be suprised if is flies a little more like Pigwidgeon than Hedwig ;)

Step 1: Choose your owl

Picture of Choose your owl
C:\Documents and Settings\Heather\My Documents\My Pictures\instructable\owl-coloring.jpg
Choose either my photo owl, my coloring page owl, or a plain sheet of paper.

Choose one of the links below, then save the picture to your computer and print it from a image program. Full size, they are 7.5" x 10" and designed to be printed with a .25" border on each side.

Coloring Page Owl

Photo Style Owl

FFVIIBOY5 years ago
I made this but it keeps falling after about 3-4 feet or it just starts turning in a circle and ends up hitting something
so does mine
cxt14 years ago
I really like the idea of the owl planes!
 You said eagle in the end. I was like "I thought it was an owl!"
plzhelp6 years ago
Thanks heaps, I really suprised my sisters with this lol
a corretion... owls dont leave droppings
Owl pellets ARE droppings. If they didn't leave droppings, they'd explode. lol
yes, they do. i witnessed that last time a saw hank. (ewww....)
nngirlie227 years ago
Dear Redneckobsessed, Owls actually do leave droppings.They do defecate/urinate out of their cloaca, as do all birds. Trust me, I have been pooped on by many species of owls many a time.
nice plane!!
Czaezar8 years ago
They are not aeroplanes in the shape of owls, they are just aeroplanes.
shangrilarcadia (author)  Czaezar8 years ago
Obviously they are just paper airplanes - this was the most owl-shaped aerodynamic plane I could do... The point is that they are cute airplanes for Harry Potter fans