Every day before I leave for work, I quickly check my mirror to see if I did something dumb like miss a spot shaving or forget to put on pants. As someone who also has a tendency to forget my keys, wallet, phone, etc., I wanted to create a small set of reminders for myself to avoid making the mistake before I leave.

At a high level, I took a mirror I had bought cheaply at Target and attached vinyl lettering I designed and made at TechShop San Jose.

Total cost: ~$12
Mirror: $10 (I think)
Black Vinyl from TechShop: $2

Step 1: Design the Checklist

I narrowed down my list of essentials to a few items for me. In order: Keys, Wallet, Phone, Bag, Computer, Tablet, Jacket, and the ever-essential coffee. You of course can make your list whatever you need; a police officer might want handcuffs or a sherpa might want oxygen tanks. 

I then used Adobe Illustrator to flesh out the size of the stickers (just a little under half the width of the mirror was what I wanted), to pick out the font I wanted, to design the squares (I used Wingdings and added an outline to thicken the boxes), and to arrange the list visually.

Below is how the design looked digitally:
Sweet project, nice and simple. I usually leave all the essentials piled on my nightstand, but sometimes I miss that somehow! I'd have to think of a better spot to put the sticker though, sometimes I skip the mirror if i'm in a rush.
nice 'bile, dunno where I can find the material you used here in the islands though but I'm thinking of using computer-cut vinyl stickers, that should do the trick.
sorry that's supposed to be 'bile not 'bile :D
dang, i meant 'ible, dang autocorrect :D
HAHA, I read the first correction you made and did a double take.
Now THAT'S a great idea! I'm going to do something similar for the mirror by the door :-) <br />
a very cool project! <br>love it! :D

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