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Every day before I leave for work, I quickly check my mirror to see if I did something dumb like miss a spot shaving or forget to put on pants. As someone who also has a tendency to forget my keys, wallet, phone, etc., I wanted to create a small set of reminders for myself to avoid making the mistake before I leave.

At a high level, I took a mirror I had bought cheaply at Target and attached vinyl lettering I designed and made at TechShop San Jose.

Total cost: ~$12
Mirror: $10 (I think)
Black Vinyl from TechShop: $2

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Step 1: Design the Checklist

Picture of Design the Checklist
photo (43).JPG
I narrowed down my list of essentials to a few items for me. In order: Keys, Wallet, Phone, Bag, Computer, Tablet, Jacket, and the ever-essential coffee. You of course can make your list whatever you need; a police officer might want handcuffs or a sherpa might want oxygen tanks. 

I then used Adobe Illustrator to flesh out the size of the stickers (just a little under half the width of the mirror was what I wanted), to pick out the font I wanted, to design the squares (I used Wingdings and added an outline to thicken the boxes), and to arrange the list visually.

Below is how the design looked digitally:

Step 2: Use the vinyl cutter

Picture of Use the vinyl cutter
photo (39).JPG
photo (45).JPG
After taking TechShop's Vinyl Cutter SBU, you can pretty easily transfer your design digitally to their vinyl cutter (I saved my file as a .eps, transferred it via USB to their computer, and opened it in CorelDraw.) There is some art to setting up the vinyl cutter that the class covers at a much better level than I will, but here are some reminders:
-Check the weave settings when you're sending to the cutter. I have cut my lettering before because I set these up wrong
-Triple check the length and sharpness of the cutting blade. The right length makes all the difference after the design cuts.
-Have enough material where if you mess up (likely), you'll still be able to work.
-Give yourself lots of time to remove the vinyl not a part of the design.

darman121 year ago
Sweet project, nice and simple. I usually leave all the essentials piled on my nightstand, but sometimes I miss that somehow! I'd have to think of a better spot to put the sticker though, sometimes I skip the mirror if i'm in a rush.
nice 'bile, dunno where I can find the material you used here in the islands though but I'm thinking of using computer-cut vinyl stickers, that should do the trick.
sorry that's supposed to be 'bile not 'bile :D
dang, i meant 'ible, dang autocorrect :D
HAHA, I read the first correction you made and did a double take.
Now THAT'S a great idea! I'm going to do something similar for the mirror by the door :-)
nupharhall3 years ago
a very cool project!
love it! :D