Picture of Make a Moss Mushroom: Yard Art
My friends call me a recessionista....and my property has become my shopping mall. If you enjoy creating garden art and would like to add a little spice to that shady space in your yard where nothing grows then this instructable is for you.

Thank you for viewing.
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Step 1: Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Step 1: Supplies
You will need:

• Sense of Humor 
• Box O' Moss
• Wire cutters
• Gloves
• Needle nose pliers
• Zip Ties
• Chicken or poultry wire
• Umbrella
• Burlap (nice to have but not necessary)
• Cedar log for base of mushroom

Optional: Moss Milkshake Ingredients
• 1 can beer 
• 1 tsp sugar
•  Additional Moss clumps

Step 2: Step 2: Turn Umbrella Inside-Out

Picture of Step 2: Turn Umbrella Inside-Out
Think windy day.  I’ve found, through much trial and error, that the umbrella will hold the weight of the moss & chicken wire when you open the umbrella and turn it inside-out.  

So FLIP your umbrella inside out and move on to step 3.

Step 3: Step 3: Cover Umbrella with Burlap & Beer (optional)

Picture of Step 3:  Cover Umbrella with Burlap & Beer (optional)
This is an optional step:  Covering your inside-out umbrella with burlap will help keep the moss in place and reduce the likelihood of the chicken wire shredding the umbrella fabric before you finish.  Also, to encourage additional moss growth I like to make a moss milkshake and pour it over the burlap.

Moss Milkshake Recipe:
• 1 can beer (cheapest, nastiest beer seems to work better than $$ brands….)
• 1 tsp sugar
• Moss clumps


Clean dirt, bark, bugs off moss with water.  Crumble moss into blender.  Add beer and sugar.  When it looks like a thick smoothie or milkshake you’re done.  Simply take mixture and pour over burlap.
milesnorth1 year ago

Very Cool, looking forward to trying this on a few stumps! Nice Nice, Nice!

thehbird1 year ago
racoontnn1 year ago
Wonderful decoration for long, deserted corner of a garden - simple and natural.
SamiJo6522 years ago
WOW! Thanks
antioch2 years ago
10/10 on the awesome scale
wildviolets3 years ago
Oh, I am so on this.....such a neat idea...I have plenty of moss and ferns in my woods and this will be wonderful for my shade garden....thank you for sharing...
friger3 years ago
About how long does it take the moss milkshake to establish good growth?
GardenGirl007 (author)  friger3 years ago
Approx. 3 weeks if you keep the moss moist and in a shady spot. I use a spray bottle every few days and mist with water.
l8nite3 years ago
I love it !