T his instructable will show you how to make a most excellent etched mirror. You don't even have to me an amazing artist! (Mediocrity will get you by in this case).

The process is pretty simple. Basically you draw and cut a stencil then use special paste to etch the glass. I read some of the other instructables on here and modified them a bit, so kudos to them.

Ready yet? Let's do this...

My parents retired this year and moved into a beautiful house they had built on some land the bought in Samaria , Idaho. This was a huge and momentus occation in our lives since we are very much a middle class family and this is the realization of one of my father's biggest dreams. Thus, to commemorate this, I am making them a etched mirror for my mom as a Christmas gift. 

Step 1: Tools and Materials Needed

-Glass MIrror
-Contact Paper
-Glass Etching Paste

-Black Marker
-Hobby Knife
-Computer with Inkscape  and a projector
-A transperancy and some tape
-A Large Sink (not shown)
-GooGone adhisive remover (not shown)
-Razor Blade (not shown)

Note: I'll cover how to complete this project both with and without a computer/projector. I'm always frustrated when I read an instructable that uses some neat tool that I don't have access to, so I won't do that to you here.
That looks amazing, what a great gift for your parents.
They liked it. I didn't know this, but my mom was secretly pineing for and 'Established XYEAR' sign, like she'd seen in some of her friends homes. :)
A beautiful gift and a fabulous ible. Well done. I love architecural images (maybe it's because i've never owned my own home).

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