Picture of Make a Music Stand From Spare Parts

My girlfriend is a music major and she needed a music stand in order to practice. As it turns out, music stands aren't cheap, so I decided to build her one from some parts lying around my basement. (I did have to buy a few things).
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Step 1: Parts and Supplies

Picture of Parts and Supplies

Arguably, the parts lists is a bit long, but I had most of the supplies and even purchasing all the parts should only run you around $15.

1x 32" long 1" diameter PVC Pipe
1x 32" long 1/2" diameter PVC Pipe
1x 1/2" PVC T-Connector
2x 1/2" Two Hole Strap
1x 5/16 Carriage Bolt
1x 5/16 Wingnut
4x 10-32 Bolt
4x 10-32 Wingnut
1x Poplar Craft Board
1x 2'x2' thin Plywood Sheet
1x Small piece of moulding

Power Drill
Some Drill Bits
1 1/4" Bore Bit
Hack Saw
Wood Glue
Tape Measure
Miter Saw (helpful)
Rigid Jobmax or like (makes things easier)
Spray Paint
Straight Edge
Piece of Hobby Foam (I used sub floor)
Safety Glasses

Step 2: Cut and Drill Holes In PVC

Picture of Cut and Drill Holes In PVC

First, take the large diameter PVC pipe and measure and cut it so that you have a 32" segment. Then drill a hole through the pipe towards the top. This will be for the carriage bolt that adjusts the height of the stand. I found drilling a sort of pilot hole with a small drill bit made it easy to line up the larger bit.

Now take the smaller diameter PVC and cut it to 32" as well. Now mark every 2" down the pipe and drill through with the same bit used for the single hole on the larger PVC pipe.

Great project! I need some for my students, and this fits my budget - Thanks!!