Picture of Make a Nesting Material Dispenser
Finally spring has sprung, and that means it's nesting season for our little feathered friends. As part of an ongoing effort to attract birds to our garden, I decided to give them a helping with their nest building and make a dispenser for nesting material.

Obviously I could have gone to a hardware store and bought one, but then I would have ended up with a plain little cage which would have done the job but not been particularly attractive. Instead, by expending just a little effort - and using spare materials from other projects - I was able to create a hanging dispenser that actually looks quite nice.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
 All of the materials I used for this build were left over from other projects, so I can't estimate a total price, but I can't imagine this costing more than a couple of pounds.

I used:

* Galvanised garden wire
* Two wooden beads
* One Ikea kitchen hook
* Outdoor varnish
* Something to shape the wire - I used a bottle of flavoured water.
* Pliers

The Ikea kitchen hook was a leftover from a kitchen project, but if you don't have one you could hang the dispenser from a length of chain, string, paracord... whatever you like.

Step 2: It's a Wrap

Picture of It's a Wrap
Take your wire and your bottle (or whatever it is you're using to shape your dispenser.) Give yourself a good amount of spare wire - I left about six inches - and begin to wrap the rest around the bottle neck, starting at the top and working down. The final size of your dispenser will depend on how many wraps you make - I make eight spirals, which ended up with a dispenser about ten inches long.

I'm afraid I can't tell you how long the piece of wire I used was, because I worked straight from the original spool. I advise you do the same.
SparkySolar made it!6 months ago

I use a reed ball for my dogs hair . he is a toy poodle cockatoo hybrid and has to go to the groomer

image.jpgphoto-148 copy 2.JPG
Bunny Kins1 year ago
I have made a couple of these in the past. Yours looks great! There's just one thing I would do differently. I put a central wire between the beads, for strength. This is because last year there was a huge crow that visited mine and stretched the whole thing into an almost straight bit of wire!
I love the shape that you made it, I'm definitely going to try a couple of these someday to put in the yard.
sonofdust4 years ago
Thats really cool.
Biggsy4 years ago
Great stuff... I think I'm going to have a go at this! Well done chum :D
alffly (author)  Biggsy4 years ago
 Cheers! Believe me, I'm the least handy person in the world, so literally everybody else should be able to make a decent fist of it.
Biggsy alffly4 years ago
Hell I'm going to get my cubs/ scouts making them,hehe youve saved me hours of wondering WHAT to do with them this spring ;)
Gator10704 years ago
Just to let u know? i did this about 2-5 years back and if u dont mind the rust u can also use the coil springs out of an old mattress or box springs just wire the large ends together and use a pair of plairs to bend one small end of the spring to were it stands up so that u can hang it up. and u'r done
alffly (author)  Gator10704 years ago
 It would certainly be an option, but to be honest I would mind the rust. That's why I specifically used the galvanised wire to prevent deterioration. Nonetheless, it's a good idea for anyone who doesn't want to go to the trouble of shaping the wire themselves
A mesh suet cage would work to hold nesting materials.
alffly (author)  estherwaayenberg4 years ago
 Yes, but as I said in the Intro I wanted something a little more attractive than a dull little cage. Also, it's cool to make something with my own two hands.
kissiltur4 years ago
good information on the drier fluff! And a lovely looking dispenser too. Thank you.
alffly (author)  kissiltur4 years ago
 No, thank you! :)
nanook844 years ago
Very nice concept, nice change from the sqare metallic box, but I also use the "matting" that you find in your clothes dryer, they grab this as if it was pure gold.
So I consider I make a good deal with the birds, I get rid of the "stuff" in my dryer's filter and they get excellent insulation. ;=D
carte polaire_tm.gif
alffly (author)  nanook844 years ago
There are a lot of conflicting views about dryer lint, but I got a whole bunch of helpful info from which is the website of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. If it works for you then go for it, but I'm personally not going to take the risk.

Thanks for the positive comment! :)
danica4 years ago
I think I love you.
alffly (author)  danica4 years ago
 Aw shucks! :)