Picture of Make a PVC microphone shockmount for $1.20
What is a shockmount?  If want to record dialogue for your movie, using a shotgun mic on the end of a boom pole is a good way to capture it.  The problem is that if your mic is connected directly to the pole, it will pick up noise from the operator's hands.  A shockmount suspends the mic up and away from this potential noise.

A few years ago, I published an Instructable for a rubber band mic shockmount that was became featured on the home page.  I received positive feedback, but after finally using it in the field, I didn't like it.  The rubber bands tended to move too much and the whole thing looked cheap.  I think I've come up with a better build that is tougher, easier to make, and less expensive.

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Step 1: Parts list

Picture of Parts list
1/2" PVC pipe scrap (2.5" long) - FREE (or just over a buck for a 10' length)
4 rubber bands - FREE (rubber bands are everywhere)
1  1/4" x 1/2" Tee fitting - $1.20 at Lowe's

Step 2: Tools

Picture of Tools
PVC ratcheting cutters

Step 3: Place bands around large end of tee fitting

Picture of Place bands around large end of tee fitting
placing bands 2.jpg
The idea here is to create a narrow hole for the microphone to rest in.

Step 4: Mark where bands lie with pencil

Picture of Mark where bands lie with pencil
Leave a mark on both sides of each rubber band.  Pencil is better than ink as you can easily rub off leftover marks when done.

Step 5: Remove bands, Dremel, replace

Picture of Remove bands, Dremel, replace
replace bands.jpg
Time to create the notches which will give the bands a firm grip on the tube.

Step 6: Insert PVC pipe and you are done!

Picture of Insert PVC pipe and you are done!
finished product.jpg
If you like this kind of thing, come check out The Frugal Filmmaker!

Step 7: Here's the video version...

svarnell13 years ago
Just in case someone isn't paying close attention your 1 1/4" x 1/2" is missing a -. Should have read 1-1/4" x 1/2" Or even possibly 1¼" x ½" (ASCI codes alt 171 and 172 on num lock keys)

I would have painted the whole thing too, because PVC has low UV resistance and it will discolor. Flat black would probably be the best.
Thank you, I just built my own with a few little tweaks.
shock mount.jpgshock mount2.jpg
I like this design. It is great for those without a boom pole (yet). Would you mind posting an ible' about it, or discussing what you used/did? Thanks!
The base at the very bottom came with the microphone and it is the type that just slides on and then screws tight on top of the camera. I took that with me to Home Depot and just made sure that the pvc pipe (white piece) I bought fit nice and snug. I had to look around the plumbing section for the black pvc piece, so you can use whatever works for you. After I made the slots for the rubber bands I drilled a couple of screws into the base and the pvc to make sure that the mic didn't slide to the right or to the left. This thing is pretty steady, I have actually run around with and it stayed on. The best part, and the main reason I built this thing, is that I no longer pick up the sound of my camera's hard drive (faint little ticks). It will probably take you a few hours to make, but if you are broke and have the time it definitely beats spending the $30-$40. Good luck.
Thanks for the description! Would you happen to have the exact pipe measurements? Like 1/2" for the main pvc connecting to the mic holder, or the main shockmount piece size? Thanks again!
mrbones1215 years ago
nice plan i like it
CrLz5 years ago
Nice update!

I'd suggest trying elastic hair bands (ponytail holders) for a nicer looking rubber band.  I've found the hair ties to last longer and the fabric covering looks good. 
hair band.jpg
manutea5 years ago
Good job !! thank you very much .
fixmystuff5 years ago
That's awsome!
photodude5 years ago
I think it's brilliant. I plan to build a couple for some studio mics I use to record music. Thank you.