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This is my very first Instructable. While I expect to publish a number of projects I’ve done over the years, I thought I’d start out with something extremely simple. Don’t expect my future posts to be this easy!

When I was little, my dad used to make these neat paper balloons for us to play with. He taught me how to do it in about 5 minutes when I was 10 or so. Since then I’ve always been able to impress the kids (My own and those of my friends.) with this little feat, although, I’ve never succeeded in teaching others how it’s done.

Hopefully this tutorial will show others how to easily impress their friends and kids. It’s actually very easy, but until you’ve made two or three, it won’t seem that way. The most important thing to remember is that every step after the third has to be repeated four times and the folds should be as exact as you can do.

Tools? There are none. Only your hands and a sheet of paper. This also makes it more impressive when the kids watch you make it. It’s almost like a magic act. If your paper isn’t square to begin with, you’ll do a little tearing in step 2. While you could use scissors, it would take away from the performance.

I’ve created a printout that should help you the first couple of times. This printout covers an entire 8.5 x 11 sheet and should be printed with a printer that can print to the edge of a standard sheet of paper. My Epson printer does this nicely. Don’t try to get the folds to match up exactly with the lines. It’s more important that the folds be in the exact centers. Remember that it’s most impressive when you can perform the process with a blank sheet of paper. Almost any size will do.

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patriotsman3 years ago
hey, thanks for this instructable i could never make these.
baba873 years ago
You could also put them on Christmas lights, just stick the lights where you blow it up and let it glow, something neat for a party or just decorations :)
PetervG8 years ago
I'm just curious. Whats on your hand?
LasVegas (author)  PetervG8 years ago
It's a very common genetic disorder called Psoriasis. I was hoping no one would comment on it…
ilpug LasVegas3 years ago
i thought it was a healing burn.
Aar000n3y7 years ago
I couldn't understand step 3... None of it Can anybody explain it to me?
I describe the same step in my paper airplane instructable. Not a much better explanation, but maybe a few more pictures will help. Tell me how far you've gotten and I'll start there.
me to aar000n3y
... then you fillit with airsoft bbs, put in a firecracker, light it,and throw it at your enemy.
theburn76 years ago
This was the first instructable i read
I have never understood these
hamares6 years ago
thanx man i really loved it , it was awesome good job on this video
Tammie17 years ago
I loved this instructable. I wanted to teach my son how to make paper hot air balloons and he asked me to look these up. I did it in 5 minutes and I am horrible when it comes to following instructions. The pictures were very helpful.
hay I don't get step 4 sm1 help me please? my mom taught me how to make them like 12 years ago and now she forgot and so did I and like so yeah sm1 help me with step 4!!!! any1
LasVegas (author)  lacrossehannah917 years ago
Download and print the PDF file from the Info page and print it out. It should help understanding the steps and you go through them.
joey25426677 years ago
want me to make a better instructable?
kid1237 years ago
I people really have a problem, before I knew this guy had it on intructables, I posted the same thing... look at it
not trying to be mean or something but this guy has some steps explained better.
we used to call this paper football :)
bhunter7368 years ago
Awsome! I havent made one of these since elementary school. I had completely forgotten how to do it and this was fun. Ill be teaching my 3 year old soon. : )
TjT bhunter7368 years ago
Yo! me 2! Say, does "bhunter" stand for the swedish techno artist Basshunter?
bhunter736 TjT8 years ago
sorry, b is for Brad. Id like to be a known artist, all I would need is talent! ; )
TjT bhunter7368 years ago
Dude, even if u never heard of basshunter, go to his site! www.basshunter.se
weebl8 years ago
or to save the many trees youve wasted you could go to the dollor store and buy some real ballons for a dollor.
Ya maybe we should buy the rubber than our precous trees that a getting cut down
TjT weebl8 years ago
Oh, Stop Being a tree hugger, mr. dollo'r.
chaka2 weebl8 years ago
Rubber balloons are more difficult to recycle than paper (as is the packaging). . . if you are that concerned. Thanks, LasVegas, for the great instructable. I was waiting in an office with two small children, and needed something to keep them occupied and interested. This DEFINITELY kept them and the other people waiting, very entertained. Well done.
This was awsome the blowing part was dufficute
twisted8 years ago
I made one with out with a blank page on my first try. Nice job. i love these things, keep it up ~Twisted
TjT twisted8 years ago
Hey Twisted! i loved your Knex Gun! it pones all newbs!
babyboi5128 years ago
dis is awsum steps are well xplained jst made it
very easy to follow instructions, very cool
knexer18 years ago
this is the best instructable that i have seen so far. very clear instructions. great job, i look forward to seeing more instructables from you. :D
awsome instructable - i used to make something like these but they were a teardrop shap. no idea how to make them now
paulza8 years ago
Cool thing! made 2 pices. the end is litte hard, but the secend time the cube was better. ;-) Thank you.
LasVegas (author) 8 years ago
Download the PDF helper sheet from Step 1.
Andude8 years ago
i wasnt able to make it, it was too confusing
frickelkram8 years ago
I really like the cup! ;-)
LasVegas (author)  frickelkram8 years ago
Yea! I picked up that "WordPerfect for Macintosh" cup at COMDEX years ago. The other side say's "Forever Mac!"
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