Step 1: Use those scraps

This is such a simple and easy project I'm sure you can finish this in a very short time with very little items. It took me about 25 minuets to make one, and that’s counting the time I wasted on the first one I messed up.


1 Fishing hook

2" scrap piece of Paracord

Few inches of fishing line

Tools used

Multi-tool (Pliers and knife blade used)

Bic Lighter (to melt the end of cord)

With the many different colors of Paracord you could stock your tackle box with various color lures.

What will this catch
Awesome Idea! I'm going fishing next weekend with some buddies and I will be sure to bring some of those pesky paracord pieces.
Good luck! Would be good to get your buddies to make one while your sitting around, then see if anyone can catch a fish with one. Keep me posted!
Simple, but great idea! :)
Thanks! Glad you like it.<br>
Take about 20 feet of paracord and on one end of it fray about 6 inches of it.<br>Tie a hook onto a peice of the frayed cord and bait if with a minnow you now have a gar (Atractosteus spatula) rig. The cord catches the gar not the hook. The gars teeth are serrated and get tangled in the frayed cord, now just pull him in.<br>
Interesting. Never been fishing for gars but if I ever do I will try this.
Would really love to see that thing in action to see if it's capable of REALLY catching something. Great idea though, I know I would've never guessed to used frayed paracord as a lure.<br>
Brilliant idea. Definitely will have to try make one or two to keep in the tackle box.
<em><u><strong><big>Congratulations!!! </big></strong></u></em><br> Conny
Thanks! Hope I can get the grand prize next time but hell I'm glad I got the first place!
This is a BRILLIANT idea! 5 Stars and best of Luck to you!
Thanks! Sometimes I do get lucky and the ideas work out.
I like it! You could also use jig leadheads or a worm rig with the same concept. Great job! I'll have to try it.
Thanks glad you like it. I had thought about that too but haven't tried anything else yet. If/when you make some please post pics or your own ible! I'd love to see how many differant types of lures we could get. With all the other colors the options are wide open!
Who ever thought? Frayed parachord. Good thinking!
Varnish with fish pheromones...Just kdn ...good luck on your fishing....
This is a really inventive use for paracord. Great job! I'm going to try it.<br><br>A few questions: How does it perform when wet? Do the strands swell up and fuse together or do they stay separate? Also, what types of fish would this be effective for? Have you tried it yet?<br>
I haven't got to test it yet. Where I went camping had a small creek with nothing bigger than tadpoles and skeeters so I didn't get to try it. Since the strands are man made material (nylon I believe) it shouldn't swell up. It's really not much differant than some store bought lures. This should work for any top feeding type of fish like bass or bluegills and such.

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