Make a Party Popper Bandolier, the Essential Shotfun Accessory.





Introduction: Make a Party Popper Bandolier, the Essential Shotfun Accessory.

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What could be cooler than owning a Double Barrel Shotfun? Being fully equipped to use it, that's what. 

Any gun becomes useless as soon as you run out of ammunition, so you need to keep some to hand. Keeping with the Shotfun theme, I decided to make a bandolier to hold party poppers - far more elegant than shoving them in my pockets

Step 1: Materials and Tools

The two main materials for the bandolier are a wide fabric tape and a length of elastic. 

I bought two metres of each from Kitewife's favourite knitting shop. The tape is of a similar texture to hessian, and the elastic is similar in feeling (apart from being stretchy) to paracord.  The two came to less than £4.00.

Apart from that, you need basic sewing tools - needle, thread, scissors and a ruler or tape measure. You may need a thimble if your fabric ribbon is tough.

Step 2: Measuring

Your bandolier needs to hang past your hip. Remember that it will shorten as you fill it.

I used an ordinary bulldog clip to hold it place until I was ready to start sewing. 

Step 3: Sewing the Tape.

I quickly tacked the two ends of the tape together with large stitches, then fastened more firmly with small stitches.

I then trimmed off the loose ends of tape, and stitched along the cut edges with a sort of blanket stitch. Because of the loose weave of the tape, I had to repeat this three more times.

The pattern on the tape had the added advantage of disguising the poor quality of my sewing...

Step 4: Adding the Elastic.

I folded the elastic in half, and sewed the centre of the elastic to the tape near the shoulder.

I sorted the spacing of the stitching by simply fitting a party popper in place and noting where the elastic came to.

It turned out that I needed to stitch the elastic in place every five centimetres (two inches). As well as stitching around the elastic several times at each point, I put a couple of stitches through the elastic as well, to stop it sliding through the stiches.

Step 5: Finishing.

When I got to the end of the bandolier, I knotted the ends of the elastic and trimmed them off.

Slide a party popper into each loop of elastic, strike a pose, and away you go!



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    reminds me of a new years party where the landlord had band party poppers smuggled several dozen in like this under a monks habit

    1 reply

    mustve been some pretty hardcore party poppers. lol

    what has to be done to get 10k views in three days? enlighten me please

    5 replies

    This really is an awesome project! That combined with the fact it was in the June 2nd newsletter (which goes out to over a million people!!!) really draws in lots and lots of views on one day :D

    Ah, the newsletter!

    I forgot about that.

    You know, I don't really know, and if you look at my full list of projects, so many on only a couple of thousand views after months or years, you see that's true.

    Sometimes, though, you get lucky, and a project catches the imagination of the public - I don't know why, but over 7k of those views were in the last 24 hours.

    to be honest i do believe its your presentation! that is a pretty cool little doo dadd!!! u have my vote.

    Thank you, I really appreciate that!

    (Although, it turns out the project was in the newsletter...)

    This is very cool :). I like you pose very much as if you just got charged up for killing Zombies :). Thanks for sharing your awesomeness Kiteman. BTW loved the shotgun too :)

    1 reply

    I came for the facial expression, stayed for the awesomeness.

    1 reply

    Er, thank you?

    I keep thinking of that movie scene where the guy pulls all the pins on his grenade bandolier and then tosses it..I don't think that would end well with these part poppers (maybe a really long string?)

    What other accessories do you have planned? Maybe a hip/leg holster?

    1 reply

    I hadn't planned any more. It's a bit long for a holster, isn't it?

    Unless, maybe, something on my back...?

    Some serious popping business there!