Picture of Make a Pen Holder.
Here is a quick and easy way to make a Pen Holder. Helps prevent misplacing all those pens you have. You can even use the can for any other use as well.
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Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need
First let me start off by saying this is my first Instructable. I had already made the my Pen Holder then decided hey why not make my first simple Instructable and just do it again so I could take pictures.

I know this is very simple and to some it's worthless but I found it useful.

What you need
-Soda can
-Can opener (empty but whatever makes you have a better time making this)

Step 2: Taking off the top

Picture of Taking off the top
Use your can opener just as you would use it on canned food. Try to open it while keeping the can level on the flat surface you'll be cutting it on. Doing this will help you get a nice clean cut on the can.

On the first can I cut I didn't get any sharp edges due to a bad cut. But I did the second time. You can bend the sharp parts that stick out back down but I would suggest just getting a new can. You don't want to risk hurting yourself.

Step 3: Clean and finish

Picture of Clean and finish
Once you have cut out the top piece, just rinse and clean the can and your good to go. Now since it is an empty can, it is very light and would be helpful if it was some how weighted down. Any suggestions? I tried using playdoh but I just couldn't stand the smell.

You can use it for whatever you like. I find it really useful to keep your pens from being all cluttered every where and it makes them easy to get to.

You can also use it as a mini trash can or even for keeping all your screws, nuts, bolts, and so on that are laying around your working area.

Thanks for checking out my first instructable and I hope you somewhat like it =].

That's really easy thank you very much

firenza_t3 years ago
Great idea with the can opener! I was trying to find a good way to get the edges nice and smooth! I plan on painting mine... got the idea from this guy's site. So cute!
We used the same idea when we ran out of cups at a party. We gathered up a bunch of cans, took the tops off and ran them through the dishwasher, problem solved.
Johnsusu5 years ago
good idea for the environment! just put coins in as weights!
My parents wont let me use this, they say the edge will be too sharp
This instructable is great. I have made a bunch of these pen holders. Good job.
o and u can try weighing it down with hot glue at the bottom
hehe u said thrash can i think it is supposed to be trash can
For weighing it down, you could stick some magnets on the bottom, or glue some pennies or washers to the bottom.
Havok S14 (author)  TheOneGreatX7 years ago
I thought about magnets as well but I have mine near too many electrical components and its right next to my monitor =\. I'll try it out with the washers though, thanks.
A lump of Das Pronto (or other dense modelling clay) in the bottom will help keep it upright.
ensjesse7 years ago
This is so cool! So many uses! I didn't know that you could use a can opener for this. But now that I did it, it makes sense. I used an 8 OZ Mini can and the edges came out clean and smooth. Thanks.
jam17337 years ago
im voting for this one nice job (x
Gjdj37 years ago
Simple idea, but it's cool looking. I think I'll try this. Nice job!