I wanted a pen for myself as I am a woodworker I thought it would be wise to make a wooden pen. Unfortunately, this led me to the new problem of not owning a lathe. But I have made a point of never allowing a lack of tools to stop me from making something. I am going to make a pen without a lathe.

Step 1: Drilling Out the Pen Blank

I started by ripping down some White Oak to three-quarter inch by 3 quarter inch pen blanks. After some experimentation to find the correct drill bit for the end kit shaft to fit into, I was able to bore the holes through the pen blanks with a brace. this hole was the same size of the Pen tube OD.

<p>Loved it on YouTube and love it on here. Great job, James.</p>
thanks man! and thanks for the great encouragement and ideas for improvement.
<p>very nice, I like the camo look of the wood. Any ideas how I can make one without using a plane nor a lathe? I don't have either.</p>
<p>You could do it with a rasp and sandpaper. Slower, but it'll still work.</p>
Thanks man. the first one I made was with little more than a chisel. here is the video of back when I built that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvVnZX7hpg0
<p>A great alternative to turning a pen it turned out real nice well done </p>
<p>Thanks! but it did not &quot;turn out&quot; LOL sorry I could not resist! </p>
nice one I love the figure in that oak !!
thanks man!curly oak is one of my favorites.
I saw your YouTube video, now I'm inspired to try it. did you consider using a spokeshave to create a round profile?
<p>Thank you. The first pen I made was round and I used a spoke shave and chisel, but for this one I wanted to do something different. this was the one I made for that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvVnZX7hpg0</p>
<p>awesome, I can buy a chisel. </p>
<p>Everyone needs a good chisel set! you can do anything with that.</p>
<p>I really like that hexagonal shape! Just looking at it makes me want to pick it up and write stuff... :-)</p>
<p>Thanks! that is about a good a complement as I could ask for. Thanks!</p>
Wonderful job. Wood pens are certainly the way to go and you have made a beautiful one here
<p>Thank you! That means a lot!</p>
<p>Nice work especially using hand tools! Thanks for sharing! </p>
<p>Thanks Donny!</p>
Very impressive work. Thanks for sharing the details! :)
Thanks you. it was fun to play with a new idea
<p>Great stuff! Glad you're on instructables, James!</p>
Thank you. I am looking forward to doing more on here.

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