A time lapse video is fun to watch, and adding panning motion to it is even better. This tip shows you how to do a perfect 360-degree time-lapse video without expensive professional gears. All you will need an egg timer and an adhesive mount.

Step 1: Apply the Adhesive Mount to the Egg Timer, and Mount Your Camera or Camcorder to It.

Step 2: Set the Egg Timer to 60 Minutes and Start Recording Your Video.

Step 3: When You Get the 60 Minutes Footage, You Can Use a Video Editor to Speed Up the Shot and Create a Cool 360-degree Time-lapse Video!

Filmora video editor allows you to speed up and slow down you videos. You can download the free trial here: http://bit.ly/1MFfRKC

<p>pretty smart idea</p>

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Bio: Filmora is the perfect video editor for beginners and intermediate users. Here we will show you tips and tricks to make your videos look more ... More »
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