In this Instructable you're going to record your own voice and make a personalized childrens' book! It's a really fun project and makes a special keepsake or gift.

In this example I'm using the timeless classic Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak (HarperCollins Publishers), but of course you can use any book you like.

Step 1: Parts and Stuff You'll Need

To make a personalized audio book, you'll need a way to record your voice and edit the sound files. This can be done simply with your webcam and a free audio editor. You'll also need the electronics for storing and playing back your recorded audio. To do this I'm using Foxonix, which is an awesome, easy-to-program platform for playing audio and controlling the program.


1.) Foxonix Fox Development Board
2.) Foxonix Project Board (optional)
3.) Small speaker
3.) Two pushbuttons
4.) Battery holder for two or three batteries (AA or AAA)
5.) Wire
6.) Microphone, Webcam, or Smartphone for recording your voice
7.) Audio editor like Adobe Audition, Wavepad (free), or Audacity (free)
8.) Soldering iron and solder
9.) A small plastic or cardboard box for housing the electronics
10.) Your favorite children's book
11.) Your best reading voice

<p>Hello!</p><p>I love your project! Thanks for doing such a great job explaining it and showing the steps! </p><p>I have a similar project in mind, but I&acute;d like to have 10 buttons instead of two, where I could record 10 different things. Do you think the Foxonic Kit is suitable for this? If not, do you have other suggestions?</p><p>Thanks again!</p><p>Anuska</p>
Hi anuska:<br><br>Thanks for your message. In it's simplest configuration, the Foxonix board can have 16 buttons connected to it, with each button triggering its own sound if you want. Really, you can have more than 16 buttons, but it gets more complicated. (Besides, you only want to use 10.) So yes, it's possible.<br><br>Just for clarification, the Foxonix board doesn't record. You include your existing sounds (music, speech, sound effects) as part of the program and these sounds get loaded into the board.<br><br>You can learn more at www.foxonix.com<br><br>Thanks!<br>- newdigitalboy
Thank you very much! This helps a lot!
<p>Great for grandparents or other important people who don't live close to the kids!! military parents, etc... love it!!</p>
<p>this is really heart warming.</p>
<p>Thank you! I'm happy you like it.</p>
<p>Bull s***</p>
<p>Great project!</p><p>Investing in linking a parent with a daily dose of reading and books is less expensive than investing thousands of dollars later at college. And at unimaginable courses to encourage children into becoming interested into something.</p><p>The secret of success is just getting the kids really motivated (natural attention). And what a better thing that promising a daily visit of a parent when they go to sleep? What could be a better thing to remember when adult?</p><p>Your idea is going to promote a healthier future for a lot of kids.</p><p>Thank you!</p>
<p>Thank you for the excellent and encouraging comment. I get my four year old daughter involved in some of these projects, as well, where she makes recordings using her own voice which we then put into stuffed animals. I'm hoping to do an Instructable for that soon!</p><p>- ndb</p>
<p>What a fun idea! I love this.</p><p>Hey, speaking of children's books (but unrelated to your project): have you ever checked out the International Children's Digital Library? It has a digitized collection of children's books from all over the world. It's so great! <a href="http://www.childrenslibrary.org/icdl/SimpleSearchCategory?ilang=English">http://www.childrenslibrary.org/icdl/SimpleSearchC...</a></p>
<p>Thanks for the link and the feedback! I didn't know about the Childrens' Digital Library. I like the way the site allows you to narrow down by age, length of book, type of character, and language.</p><p>- ndb</p>

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