Step 4: Glass Spacers

  • Pinch off four small pieces of Sugru and roll them into balls (about 3-4mm diameter).
  • Place one ball on each of the spots marked on the glass in step 2 (on the side of the glass without the ink).
  • Place the second piece of glass over top, lining up the edges.
  • Press together gently.
What the heck is Sugru??? Never heard of it
It is silicone that starts out being moldable, then hardens, see:<a href="http://sugru.com/">http://sugru.com/</a>.<br>
Good instructable! and CUTE cat! =)
Great idea, ChrysN...thanks for the tips on handling the Sugru...I could have used that earlier!
Yes, the soapy water makes handling Sugru much easier.
Great idea, and well documented :-D Nice work.

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