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One of the most common questions I get asked is how I make my narwhals have spiral horns. This tutorial is floating around on a few of my other pages, but I decided to make an instructables version.  These horns can be used for unicorn and narwhal costumes and stuffed animals. Or just to have a cool stuffed horn. I've even seen someone make a dragon with spiral horns.

Before you get started you should gather your materials. you're going to need a marker, paper, stuffing, scissors, a needle, thread, and material. What kind of material you use doesn't matter, though different kinds will yield different results. Thicker fabrics like polar fleece will result in chunkier horns, while thinner fabrics like t-shirt material will make more pointed horns. Material that is furry, like cuddle fleece, will hide the thread better, but have a more "messy" look to it. Whatever you choose, it helps if your materials has some stretch to it.

As for your thread, you can use any color you want. I prefer my thread to blend in, but some people use thick, bright thread to make it stand out and add an accent color.
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Step 1:

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You'll want to cut a triangular shape with a slightly rounded bottom out of paper. The actual size and shape depends on how you want your horn to look. Long triangles will make long horns, fat triangles will make fat horns, and so on. Just remember that the longer and thinner a horn is, the harder it will be to turn it inside out. Also, be sure that your triangle is even on both sides.

This is mine. As you can see it's been the victim of a cat attack, but it still works jut fine.

Step 2:

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Now trace around your horn pattern onto the back side of your fabric. If your fabric is partially see-through, you may want to use something other than a black marker so that it doesn't show through.

perfect instructions, thank you.

NetWt4Lbs2 years ago
Thanks for this! My daughter carries around a unicorn stuffie and has played with it to much the horn is calling apart, now I know /how/ to replace it! :)
scoochmaroo2 years ago
Now show us how to make the narwhal! :D
BeeZeeArt (author)  scoochmaroo2 years ago
I can't give away all my secrets! :P
to bad :(
I wanted to make one for the birthday of a friend of mine who really really likes this:
scoochmaroo2 years ago