Step 5: Assemble

The final step is to assemble the stand, to do this I first used PVA glue and some small nails to fix the square which holds the VESA mounts to the two side panels, using the Aluminium tubes as a guide to ensure the spacing is correct.

Once that was set I added the Aluminium tubes, this was done using a penny washer on each side of the side panels and a dome nut on each end of the M6 threaded bar.

Then the base was attached using wood screws through the base and into the two side panels, take care here not to split the side panels or miss them completely when drilling pilot holes through to them.

The last step is to take some M4 screws and shorten them so they can be used to hold the monitor in place, then the monitor can be screwed on to the stand using a single washer at the back and a few on the front to ensure the monitor can stay cool.

Ill go on to the base of the stand in the next step, as this had to be changed due to a design flaw.
<p>Brother, please upload a video of its making...That would be just great!</p>

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