Step 19: Final Notes and Comments

Completion time

Again, this depends a lot on what character you are doing. You could finish a character like Snorlax in a day, but you might want to set aside a weekend to finish some of the more detail oriented ones.


Anything and everything! If you're cold throw it on. Need a sweet costume for Halloween, make this! Or if you just like dressing up as derpy looking Pokemon, this is for you!


I haven't actually washed any of these yet. I am assuming you can wash it just like you would any other fleece blanket.

Here are my suggestions:

1. Turn your fleece item inside-out to prevent piling

2. Machine wash at in cold water with a mild detergent.

3. Machine dry at a low temperature, or just let it air dry.

Questions, comments?

I get comments emailed to me, so if you have any questions or need any help feel free to drop me a line.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed.

Thanks so much for this. I have made 2 Totoros for a friend and for me. I made my legs a little bit longer and the crotch a little bit higher. I used a different fabric, I think it's called &quot;mink fleece&quot; in English, it is used to make the Snuggie blankets, it's super warm and soft but it frays a bit. I also put a zipper instead of buttons. <br>I made my costume for an anime convention but it was so warm and confortable that I ended up wearing it all winter.
Great work! Looks like it turned out really nice!
With the magical aid of this tutorial, I was able to make a Gengar Costume. And it was super easy with the directions.
Thanks for posting the pics!
<p>Thank you so much for your tutorial! Great, clear instructions and super simple. It gave me the perfect base to modify for Furret, the rather tubular Pokemon. He turned out very comfy and super cute. Only a few modifications need to be made to the neckline at this point to get it to sit on my shoulders rather than hang on my head, since I changed the way the hood attached to try to keep Furret's tubular shape. I also added a tail and hand-covers that I will install snaps so they can be pinned up out of the way when not in use. I'm excited to wear this as a &quot;Sunday&quot; cosplay at the next convention that I go to.</p>
<p>How did you do the tail? *-*</p>
I just made a tail separately (basically a shaped sack that I turned so the seams weren't exposed) that was the same width as the suit and attached it separately to the back of the body with a zigzag stitch.
<p>Cool!!! Easy and SO COOL!!! Thanks *--*</p>
<p>Wow! Excellent job on the modification, you nailed it! Have fun at the convention! </p>
<p>I decided on a Thursday night that I needed a costume for a Blizzcon party on Saturday. This took me about 14 hours to complete. Tauren Balance druid :)</p>
<p>Wow, after all the success stories it is kinda making me want to try this!<br>I have been searching the web for a pokemon onesie for days. I haven't been able to find any pokemon I like in my size... I am 6' 2&quot; and I weigh about, 300 lbs. Me and my friends want to do a pokemon group cosplay for an anime convention coming up soon. I was thinking of making either Snorlax or Blastoise... To accommodate my size factor. Lol</p>
A question: how would you modify the measurements for a toddler?
<p><a href="http://www.simplicity.com/p-11876-toddlers-animal-costumes.aspx" rel="nofollow">http://www.simplicity.com/p-11876-toddlers-animal-...</a></p><p>Unfortunately, they do not have an adult version of this pattern...</p>
That's a tough one... I don't really think I can help you out on that one. I haven't got a toddler on hand to measure.<br> <br> Your best bet would be to base the pattern size off a pair of pajamas or clothes that fit similarly on the child, and basically make a full body suit version of those clothes, but out of fleece. Then you can add the hood, and decorations.<br> <br> Sorry I couldn't be of much help...
I'm not sure about your size and measurements but I'm kind of a plus size girl trying to make a snorlax costume, any advice on measurements for plus sizes?
<p>Sorry for the late reply... I've been busy with work. I would say you should be pretty good with the measurements for the arms and torso, there's quite a bit of extra room there. The leg width is the only thing I would add a few extra inches to. <br><br>The best thing you can do is measure your own leg circumference, and make sure that the two leg pieces add up to at least a few inches larger than your measurement. </p><p>Good luck!</p>
I'm just happy you replied at all thankyou! this is my first time sewing anything
<p>A gardevoir would be so cool!</p>
<p>Totally wish yall did a Pikachu. Im trying to find a simple way to make a costume for a one year old. Was hoping to get help with that. But honestly so far I like yalls idea so much more, plus love that you gave some detailed instrustions and images to go along with it.</p>
<p>Dear LegoBrickMaster,</p><p>Love your stuff. How's your workload now? I'm looking for a Piplup costume for my daughter for Halloween 2014 and I KNOW I will make a mess of sewing it (especially since I don't have a sewing machine and can't cut along lines to save my life). Have you any thoughts to supplementing your education fund by sewing some made-to-order costumes (and give us means to boycott cheap China stuff)? </p><p>Thanks.</p>
<p>Thanks for the interest, but I've got a lot on my plate right now... sorry. I'm just starting a new job, so my free time is pretty sparse. <br><br>If you find someone else to commission using my pattern or whatever, that's totally fine by me, but I just don't have the free time. <br><br>Sorry, again... :(</p>
This looks cool I'm gonna try this someday maybe this summer
Soooo... Do you take commissions? Cuz I can't sew worth a damn.
Sorry, not anymore. I'm too stretched thin between school and work. :(
I love this idea but eevee's ears and tail may be a challenge
i am way too proud of this. i love you, man.<br><br>doubles as a comfy set of pj's too! :)
Nice work! It looks great!
Hey! This looks awesome! I was wondering though, if I wanted to add feet would it work if I sewed a pair of slippers and attached them like the sleeves?
How tall are you... I am 6'1&quot; and i was wondering about seem allowance and pattern adjustments. I was looking for ideas for a costume party and this sounds awesome.
I'm only 5' 8&quot;, so you will want to increase both the length of the legs, and the width. There's some info about sizing in the first step, which talks about making things larger. <br> <br>Good luck!
Hey! I'm a tiny 11 year old girl and want to make the totoro costume how do I make the adjustments so it fits me? Please get back to me:)
You should be fine with just making it as normal (I'm assuming you're shorter than me), and you can adjust the fit by hemming the arms and the legs.
Thank you so much, I can't believe I actually found this! I was searching for a Charmander costume last year but I wanted to just buy one. So this was long lost and I finally stumbled upon this!!! <br> <br>The question starts here v v v v v <br> <br>This year I am getting help to make a costume so I was just wondering, Is there any way to make this cove my face?
Sorry, I meant cover*
Hrm. That's a tough one.<br> <br> The only way I can think of is adding a zipper to the front of the hood. Like those zip up hoodies (that keep going past the neck). You'd probably have to add some eye holes, change up the pattern from what I have (it'd probably be too baggy), and re-arrange where the face goes.<br> <br> Seems do-able, though.
Okay thank you!
sooo....if i wanted you to make me a meowth version of this...how much :D if you feel like it lol. i suck at sewing and know no one that can.
Ah, sorry.<br> <br> As of late, there's just not enough hours in the day for me.
I love this and I am Going to make if for Halloween but I have a few questions. If I want to make pikachu will I need to purchase any extra fabric for the ears and tail? Also I am a very skinny short 5&quot;2 girl so should I make any size adjustments to this?
If you get 3 yards of fabric I'm pretty sure that should be enough for the ears and the tail.<br> <br> Just remember that you'll need to get some brown for the tail, and different colors for the face.<br> <br> As far as adjustments go, you shouldn't&nbsp; need to change the size from the original pattern. You'll just do your size adjustments when you hem the arms and legs.
okay thankyou :) <br>
Also, how much fabric did you use to make snorlax's belly and all the smaller details?
Tough to say... I think I ended up getting a yard of the tan (for the belly/face), and a yard of white (for claws).<br> <br> If you go that route, you'll have plenty left over. I just wouldn't know if less than 1 yard would be wide enough for the dimensions of the belly.<br> <br> Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
Hi, I know this is from a while back, but i was wondering if you knew how much fabric i would need to purchase for this project??
3 yards should be enough.<br> <br> Step 2 covers how much fabric you will need, along with various other materials.
i mean not to be a bother but i was wondering how long did it take for the snorlax overall because i was planning to make one for a sewing class in school but i dont have all year so yeah... if you can get back to me ASAP it would be great thanks.
Almost all of the costumes on here took about one weekend of work. While it was never 48 straight hours of sewing, they still take a good amount of dedication over 2 days.<br> <br> The Snorlax one was probably right around that mark. The claws are probably the most time consuming part, but I think you could easily pull this off in a sewing class.<br> <br> Good luck!
Wow...Nice kigurumi tutorial!!!! You could also do other characters...Might I suggest for magical girl anime fans Luna, Artemis, or Diana from Sailor Moon. Or for Pretty Cure fans, there are lots of fairy mascots to select from. You could even go really far back into the archives and do one of the little alien cats from Creamy Mami!
Do the ears stand up on their own?

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