This is my first instructable that visits the powerful and extraordinary world of photoshop, I hope you like it!

I was surprised that there was nothing like this on instructables until now, so I thought I would show you all my project I made myself using photoshop CS4. It can also be made in most other versions too.

"So what is this about?" I hear you ask. Well, ever wondered what the PSP or DS would look like if you had been in charge? Well now you can find out, with this simple tutorial. The same principal can be applied to making computers, phones, mp3 players and static consoles. This instructable shows you how to draw a portable XboxNova (my design) in photoshop -completely from scratch! That means a 100% original piece of modern design! The only things on mine that are not original are the screenshot and the 2 XBox logos (the text on the console, just below the screen, and the blue X) 

So without further ado, let's get started!

Step 1: Decisions, Decisions...

Well first off, what console do you want to make? Have a clear idea in your head when making a console or other gadget. If you want to make my console, then leave this step out, otherwise have a good think. 
Think about:
-Button layout
-Brand (optional)
-Screen (s) size
-General layout
-Flip console (DS), Sliding (PSP Go) or Static (gameboy colour)? Static is by far the easiest

1)Hold shift when you re-size things, it retains their perspective (won't get the squashed or  stretched effect)
2)The effects I use in this are the blending options. To do this, click the subject layer, and double click to the right of the layer name. Alternatively, right click the layer and click "blending options"
3) When resizing/rotating a picture or object, hit enter and it will be un-pixelated. Alternatively, you could convert it into a smart object

A basic grasp of photoshop is required.

Here is some inspiration for you:

<p>I made one, but sorry about he screen. Couldn't tilt it right.</p>
<p>Also, not real! So in reality, it's free.</p>
Very cool but you do know that, &quot;the future is now&quot; is the 2012 Baylor bears motto and it has been copy written. so yeah just saying that.
Useless in my view.<br>
can you get photoshop for free?
You can get GIMP for free, with about 80% of Photoshop's features.
Yep, but only pirated versions, which I am obliged to say are bad and are not the right way to go.<br />
do you use a pirated version if so can you tell me when to get it
I can't tell you lol.<br /> Google search it, ending with megaupload<br />
Use GIMP, it's free and almost as powerful as photoshop. &nbsp;It will definitely do the job for this instructable. &nbsp;There's even a download to make it look like photoshop called GIMPshop.<br />
Yeah, but I use photoshop :)<br /> And yes, GIMP&nbsp;is<em> more</em> than capable of this instructable.<br />
lol awesome
you should've put the buttons in a diamond like the real xbox controller
Perhaps, but I couldn't remember the layout anyways and it shouldn't be too difficult just to move them around a bit. Most USB gaming controllers are this kind of layout.
I tried to make an ad with this but movie maker 2&nbsp;doesn't save the video if it is too large - worked fine when I had media player 9 installed - upgraded to 11 (I can't downgrade). <br /> <br /> Nice instructable. Will try it later.
Huh, that's weird. I hate movie maker now, it's not diverse and it crashes all the time. I just use Adobe After Effects now (that is, when I figure out how to use the darn thing!)<br />
this reminds me of the fact that movie maker always saves any video i make as a black screen, no sound, no nothing. i wish i knew why
I'm a master at Adobe After Effects and Premier Pro. You may not be exporting properly...
Wow, I thought that only happens to me! lol, you just have to keep movies really short and it should work
I'm making a MiniNES, could someone post a NES screenshot please :)
1) Awesomme! Would love to see it! 2) Just google it lol, like &quot;NES mario bros.&quot; or &quot;pacman&quot; or &quot;Xevious&quot;
&nbsp;Is that a Lotus (Elise or something else) in Gran Turismo 5 Prolouge?
Yeah it's a lotus of some sort. I would have thought the exige would be better for racing...<br />
&nbsp;Hah! He's in 9th, doing 32 in first gear!
&nbsp;Probably a rolling start.
I like how you used an xbox as an example. ;)<br />
Sony already make a PSP!<br />
I don't think i'm gonna make a PS3. I'll do a PSP instead.<br /> <br /> 1. PS3 will be MUCH harder.<br /> 2. It won't have a screen.<br />
I'd love to see the results!<br /> <br />
&nbsp;I gave up lol. i just got a pic of a PSP off the interwebs, added a snapshot of MW2 and replaced the PSP symbols with cerj4eva ones lol
simple but creative.
Awesome 5*
not the best thing in the world... but its ok&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 3.0*<br />
OK, but you should know it's actually quite tricky to do this sorta thing.
&nbsp;cool. i make videos of my games (as you can see on my youtube channel) and this would be a awesome&nbsp;background
Do you have photoshop? It would be ace if you made your own!&nbsp;<br /> PS what video editing software do you use to make backgrounds like that, I'm getting sick of Windows Movie Maker's countless glitches!
What do you mean by backgrounds?<br /> <br /> Software:<br /> Adobe After Effects CS4<br /> Adobe Photoshop CS4<br />
Oh After effects? yeah I get ya.&nbsp;
Try FX Home's EffectLab Pro <a href="http://download.cnet.com/1770-20_4-0.html?query=EffectsLab+Pro&amp;tag=404&amp;searchtype=downloads" rel="nofollow">download.cnet.com/1770-20_4-0.html</a>&nbsp;&lt;&lt; click&nbsp;<br /> Its free,&nbsp;and great!!.
Thanks! BTW loving the use of my avatar :-)
I did it in Illustrator to make a PSP before the official design was released but the photo shop method is clever<br />
Very nice. *5<br />
Changed my mind, *4.5<br />
Thanks anyway, 4.5 is still excellent!
Yes. It is. Indeed. Short sentences. Quite.<br />
&nbsp;wow looks complex, 5 stars btw

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